How wonderful you are in our 2nd “Worthy Hardware” badminton game!

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Since early may, Worthy has been planning the second Worthy Weiye cup badminton competition, as the epidemic has improved.In order to get a good result in the competition, we started to train a few weeks in advance.After a week of busy work, finally ushered in the badminton game we are looking forward to, really excited.The smoke of the game is about to ignite, today's champion is who?

The competition was divided into four groups, namely, the merchandising group, the operation group, the business group and the production group.The main events are divided into singles, team and mixed doubles.The team will draw lots to select the opponents, and then send the team members to play against each other.

Before the game, we began to warm up for more than ten minutes. Then the leader of our team explained the rules of the game to us. Then the referee tossed a coin to decide who would serve first.In accordance with the principle of friendship first, competition second to open the curtain of the competition.

In this Worthy Weiye cup competition, the most exciting part is the team project, this competition, the strongest two departments: the merchandiser group and the production group began to compete for the championship, which is which department to get the first place in this competition?Let's wait and see.First of all,Tracy from the merchandiser group and Xiaofen from the production group were sent out to start the first challenge. The two weak girls were really equal. Xiaofen from the production group seemed to have no difficulty in launching the ball.Tracy picked up her racket and hit it lightly, and the ball was easily hit back.She saw the other side leap, raise the racket, and hit it hard. She saw the badminton fly straight toward Tracy. She did not know what was wrong, but she tried to raise the racket, but it was too late, the ball had already "landed safely".After several fierce games, the champion was finally produced, that is the production department, it is really admirable ball skills.

In this competition, the champions of both the singles and team events are produced in our skilled production department, which is really amazing. All the partners want to get the secrets to improve their skills from the production department.Finally by the entertainment mixed doubles project happily ended this exciting competition.Our management presented prizes and took pictures of our winners.

The second Worthy Hardware in line with the grasp of the machine "feather", dare to light the sword, challenge themselves, with the spirit of action to infect everyone on the field, this is Worthy spirit. Worthy staffs are also in line with quality first, service customers, sustainable development, the principle of good faith for this, strive to do better on the CNC machining services.


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