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Worthy History

Worthy Hardware Co.,ltd is a Precision Machine Shop located in Dongguan.

Worthy Hardware Co.,ltd i is a Precision CNC Contract Machine Shop, specializing in machined components and assemblies, run on a lean, just-in-time basis. We have been meeting the needs of high profile industrial OEM manufacturers since 1998, providing uncompromising quality in close tolerance parts, pricing and delivery.

In the autumn of 1997, Owner of the machine shop, Mr.Su and his brothers have carried out the plan to operate their own workshop to engage in the lathe and turning service, with the opportunity of the opening of China towards the world. Worthy starts operation in June 1998, this year we just have 5 sets of dench type lathe and 1 turning machine, the owners keep the quality and just in time delivery as the proirity, till 2000, the production capacity has been tripled of that in 1998 and brings in 2 CNC machines.

During 2000’s, Worthy takes 2 steps to strengthen the business scale, from 2000 to 2008, we have been just focus on the machining (in a narrow sense) orders, we have expanded our relationship with our customers from Japan to USA, from Russia to Singapore, from Germany to Chile. With the strong support from our customers, we have enlarged our factory area to 1,500 square meters. The annual roll grows at more than 15% year by year. However, the growing speeds suddenly slows down since autumn 2008, that is our second step of development, due to the economy crisis in 2008, many orders were cancelled by some customers. To reverse the single machining scale, the company decides to cut off 20% lathe and turning equipment and purchase small punch machines to explore new chance to keep the growth. From end of 2008, we have started our sheet metal fabrication service to our customers, protecting the business from going down too much.

Afterwards, to fulfill our customers, we have updated our old machines and bring in more high tech CNC machines, milling machines, 45T and 60T sheet metal punch machines, laser cutting machines and welding machines to meet our customers’ demand. Since 2015, our company has divided into 4 divisions: CNC machining and milling unit, sheet stamping unit, laser cutting and welding unit. It is our honour for the opportunity to listen to our customers, provide solutions and grow our business.

For customers who appreciate finding all the services they need from a single provider, WORTHY is a one-stop shop. No need to look elsewhere! Our versatility and willingness to meet technical challenges allow us to respond to speed and competitiveness requirements. In addition, we’re open day and night. WORTHY – 24 hours per day, 7 days per week

worthy hardware
worthy hardware

Our Mission

WORTHY is a full-service manufacturer meeting the needs of a diverse customer. We provide quality in our services which build lasting relationships from concept to production by providing:

• Growth opportunities for our associates.
• Benefits to the communities in which we operate.
• Products and services that create long-term relationships with our customers.
• Profits to our shareholders

Our strength

Our sales team is one of the best, providing efficient and reliable technical and commercial support .At WORTHY, technical support is ensured by a multidisciplinary team that is committed to getting the job done right.

Our Value

For WORTHY, ingenuity, team spirit, passion for the job, honesty and professional ethics are core values. They enable us to be a competitive business that open to the world and well positioned to seize important opportunities.

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