As the leading manufacturer of CNC machining PPMA (Acrylic/Plexiglass) parts for over 25 years, Worthy Hardware is well equipped with 35 sets CNC Machines, including 3 sets 5 axes,4 sets 3 axes, 12 sets turning and milling compound. These machines could allow us to make prototypes, small-batch, and mass production parts for PPMA(Acrylic/Plexiglass).

What is CNC Machining PPMA (Acrylic/Plexiglass)?

Acrylic,also know as PPMA (Polymeric Methyl Methacrylate) OR plexiglass, is a clear, durable engineering material that can be used in place of glass. Acryclic is lightweight and resistant to environmental effects such as scratches or breakage from UV lighte-the perfect alternative if you're looking for something more affordable without sacrificing quality!

CNC machining PPMA (acrylic/plexiglass) is a process that applies computer-controlled digital technology to remove the extra material and complete any necessary cutting, turning or milling. This can be done with machine tools depending on what's needed for your specific programmings before getting an end product from PPMA (acrylic/plexiglass) in their final form.

Density (g /cm3) Tensile Strength, Yield (MPa) Elongation at Break (%) Melt Point (℃) Temperature (℃)
1.18-1.19 25-85 1-85 102-122 73-109


What are the benefits of CNC Machining PPMA (Acrylic/Plexiglass)

Acrylic has good light transmittance, with a light transmittance of more than 92% and can transmit 73.5% of ultraviolet rays. Moreover acrylic has smooth and bright surface, high mechanical strength,perfect corrosion resistance and good insulation performance.CNC machined acrylic is strong, durable and precisely manufactured for ultimate performance. It also eliminates the risk of breakage that could occur with traditional manufacturing processes due to its careful balance between fragility and force which results in an excellent product!We will list the benefits of acrylic and CNC machining acrylic as below.

(1) Benefits for acrylic :

①The acrylic is transparent, 92% or higher transmittance and has a good light reflecting effect on the surface which makes it easy to apply different kinds of paints with different colors very nicely

② Acrylic sheets have excellent heat resistance as well; both hot-fused ones can be laminated at high temperatures under 500℉ (or even up tp 1000 ℉), without any problems relating back its durability over time due to these extreme conditions.

③ Acrylic has good mechanical processing,cnc machining acrylic is a very good way to proceed. Transparent acrylic plates have the same light-scattering properties as glass, but only half their density;

④The abrasion resistance of acrylic sheet is close to aluminum, with good stability and corrosion resistance to many chemicals.

⑤Acrylic sheet has good printability and sprayability


(2)Benefits of CNC machining Acrylic:

If you would like to avoid irreversible damage, quickly and effectively producing acrylic components with accurate shapes and precision size, CNC machining is the best way to do it.CNC milling or CNC turning could help your cut acrylic according to your drawings.

①Worthy Hardware has 12 sets cnc lath machines, they are turning and milling compound machines,which could enable us to produce acrylic parts with very shiny surface, and tight tolerances. The biggest diameter for acrylic cnc machining is 250mm,the longest length for acrylic parts could reach 500mm.

② Worthy Hardware has many advanced cnc millling machines, such as 3 sets 5 axes,4 sets 3 axes. This could allow us cut extruded acrylic and acrylic sheets.The biggest length is 1200mm, and 600mm width with 500mm height.


Worthy Hardware Advantages

When you source the CNC Machining shops from the world, there are huge numbers of CNC machining service providers. Why you should choose Worthy Hardware as your trust vendor?

CNC machining

Advantage 1: Comprehensive Capabilities

As the leading manufacturer of CNC machining for over 25 years, we are well equipped with 35 sets CNC Machines, including 3 sets 5 axis ,4 sets 3 axis, 12 sets turning and milling compound. These machines could allow us to make prototypes, small batch and mass production parts. The fastest delivery time is 3 working days.

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Advantage 2: Rich Experience

Our engineers and production workers have at least 15 years of CNC Machining experience, So we are responsible for various complex types of precision parts. We are very strong in making the tough materials, such as tool steel, alloy steels, SS316.

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Advantage 3: Strict Quality

As the ISO 9001:2015, certified quality management system, all the team, material and machines are in regular status of quality assurance, we make it correct at the first time not only to ourselves, but also to our customers. We check and maintenance the machines everyday except the holiday time. In the production stage including the samples, the production workers check the dimensions frequently, and then the production manager will check the dimension again, finally our QC department will make the final checking with CMM. We make the 100% inspection for the parts, especially for the thread and surface.

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Advantage 4: Stable Employees

80% of the workers in Worthy Hardware have worked here for more than 12 years, and most are home fellows. They're settled down in Donguan already. Therefore, we can be assured that quality and delivery time will not fall apart anytime soon because we've already been through all these hardships together as one family!


Customer Testimonials

In the past 25 years, our clients are all over the world, including the world's top 500 companies such as Jabil, ABB, Medtronic and so on. Do you want to know what our customers say about us? Let's take a look.

Justin, CEO of a lighting company

I inspected the top two pieces of all five boxes. Everything is beautiful! BEAUTIFUL! You remove so much stress from my shoulders. I know that when we pay you to manufacture a product, it will be made perfectly. The glass bead blasting and anodizing is always beautiful. I am so very happy! You make it easier for us to run our business. There is no trouble! With most factories, I have a moment of fear before I open their boxes. Will the components be made correctly? Do they care about quality? It is often a war. And Dennis has to fight the war, treating most factories like small children! But, not your company. You’re company is world-class. You make beautiful components!Thank you very much for your hard work. We will work together for many lifetimes!

David, General manager for a family owned business

I’ve been working with Chinese manufacturers since 2004 and had some really unfortunate partnerships until 2012 when we partnered with Worthy Hardware. At first,we only gave them small orders to test and make the start. However,their response speed was very fast ,and their engineers help us improved our designs more simple, this helped us reduce a lot of cost.Our cooperate is more and more stable! We trust Worthy Hardware always ,very responsible. Your guys are great! .Worthy Hardware is by far my favorite, because of the way they handle business and the quality of what they make.If you are from USA and would like to know more about Worthy Hardware,i would be very happy to be as an endorsement.


CNC Machining PPMA (Acrylic/Plexiglass) FAQ

1. How many types for acrylic materials?

Acrylic, also known as PMMA or plexiglass, is a safe and harmless material that has been popular among the public in recent years.We could find many types of acrylic material in the market.According to the different properties,colors and visual effects of acrylic,it has been divided into the following types.

Transmittancy transparent sheet, semi-transparent sheet,color sheets( black or white color sheets)
Performance impact-resistant sheet, anti-UV sheet,common sheet
Production process (Cast sheet and extruded sheet) Cast sheet:excellent rigidity, strength and excellent chemical resistance,thickness is between 1.8-300mm which is more suitable for making cnc machining parts.
Extrued sheet:low strength and high flexibility,the thiness is between 0.5-12mm, they are good for laserting cutting or bending.

2. What are the applications for Acrylic CNC machining?

With high transparency and light-fastness, acrylic material is a new material of choice for many industries. Acrylic parts also exist in our daily lives as well with benefits to be applied across various fields of use
(1)Construction application:
Acrylic can be used for creating window frames, acoustic panels and phone booths.
(2)Advertising applications:
We often see advertisements displayed in light boxes made from acryic material because its high transparency enables clear branding that stands out better against other materials like wood or metal .
(3)Transportation applications. Acrylic has excellent safety, strength and durability qualities making it the perfect material for transportation,such as the doors and windows of trains and cars.
(4)Medical application: Acrylic can be seen in many baby incubators in hospitals for various operations and medical appliances.
(5)Lighting applications:Due to the advantages of acrylic light transmittance, they could be used to make all kinds of fluorescent lamps, as well as the lampshade of chandelier, which can make the emitted light brighter.


CNC Machining Acrylic (PPMA/Plexiglass) Projects

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