As the leading manufacturer of CNC machining Teflon parts for over 25 years, Worthy Hardware is well equipped with 35 sets CNC Machines, including 3 sets 5 axes,4 sets 3 axes, 12 sets turning and milling compound. These machines could allow us to make prototypes,small-batch and mass production parts for Teflon materials.

What is CNC Machining Teflon?

Polytetrafluoroethylene, short for Teflon, PTFE, or F4, is one of the best corrosion-resistant engineering plastics in the world today, so it is called the "Plastic King".It can be used in any kind of chemical medium for a long time, Compared with other plastics, PTFE has the characteristics of excellent chemical resistance and temperature resistance. It has been widely used as a sealing material, such as seals, gaskets, washers.

Density (g /cm3) Yield tensile strength (MPa) Tensile strain at yield (MPa) Shrink Rate (%) Hardness (HV)/th>
2.15 51.2 - 63.8 64.7 - 79.1 0.4~0.9 16.4-18.1


What are the benefits of CNC Machining Teflon?

Except injection molding, one of the best ways to fabricate Teflon parts is CNC machining,. Teflon (ptfe) can be machined to produce CNC components for different industries, Teflon materials have many advantages suitable for the CNC machining process.

1) Excellent corrosion resistance-
Ptfe (Teflon) could withstand strong acids strong oxidants, and various organic solvents

2) Strong insulation resistance-
It is not affected by the environment

3) Excellent resistance to temperature
Ptfe (Teflon) has little effect on temperature, It could be well worked in temperature -190℃~+250℃. Unique self-lubricating properties
Ptfe (Teflon) has the smallest coefficient of friction in plastics. It is an ideal oil-free lubricating material and can be used as an oil-free bearing.

4) Outstanding surface non-stickiness

5) Good resistance to atmospheric aging.


Worthy Hardware Advantages

When you source the CNC Machining shops from the world, there are huge numbers of CNC machining service providers. Why you should choose Worthy Hardware as your trust vendor?

CNC machining

Advantage 1: Comprehensive Capabilities

As the leading manufacturer of CNC machining for over 25 years, we are well equipped with 35 sets CNC Machines, including 3 sets 5 axis ,4 sets 3 axis, 12 sets turning and milling compound. These machines could allow us to make prototypes, small batch and mass production parts. The fastest delivery time is 3 working days.

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Advantage 2: Rich Experience

Our engineers and production workers have at least 15 years of CNC Machining experience, So we are responsible for various complex types of precision parts. We are very strong in making the tough materials, such as tool steel, alloy steels, SS316.

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Advantage 3: Strict Quality

As the ISO 9001:2015, certified quality management system, all the team, material and machines are in regular status of quality assurance, we make it correct at the first time not only to ourselves, but also to our customers. We check and maintenance the machines everyday except the holiday time. In the production stage including the samples, the production workers check the dimensions frequently, and then the production manager will check the dimension again, finally our QC department will make the final checking with CMM. We make the 100% inspection for the parts, especially for the thread and surface.

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Advantage 4: Stable Employees

80% of the workers in Worthy Hardware have worked here for more than 12 years, and most are home fellows. They're settled down in Donguan already. Therefore, we can be assured that quality and delivery time will not fall apart anytime soon because we've already been through all these hardships together as one family!


Customer Testimonials

In the past 25 years, our clients are all over the world, including the world's top 500 companies such as Jabil, ABB, Medtronic and so on. Do you want to know what our customers say about us? Let's take a look.

Justin, CEO of a lighting company

I inspected the top two pieces of all five boxes. Everything is beautiful! BEAUTIFUL! You remove so much stress from my shoulders. I know that when we pay you to manufacture a product, it will be made perfectly. The glass bead blasting and anodizing is always beautiful. I am so very happy! You make it easier for us to run our business. There is no trouble! With most factories, I have a moment of fear before I open their boxes. Will the components be made correctly? Do they care about quality? It is often a war. And Dennis has to fight the war, treating most factories like small children! But, not your company. You’re company is world-class. You make beautiful components!Thank you very much for your hard work. We will work together for many lifetimes!

David, General manager for a family owned business

I’ve been working with Chinese manufacturers since 2004 and had some really unfortunate partnerships until 2012 when we partnered with Worthy Hardware. At first,we only gave them small orders to test and make the start. However,their response speed was very fast ,and their engineers help us improved our designs more simple, this helped us reduce a lot of cost.Our cooperate is more and more stable! We trust Worthy Hardware always ,very responsible. Your guys are great! .Worthy Hardware is by far my favorite, because of the way they handle business and the quality of what they make.If you are from USA and would like to know more about Worthy Hardware,i would be very happy to be as an endorsement.


CNC Machining Teflon FAQ

1.How to improve the deformation for CNC machining Teflon?

We are convinced that the CNC machining materials used in your production process will certainly contain Teflon plastic, since it is a softer metal and easily deformed with precision CNC machining. As an experienced manufacturer focused on high-precision CNC machining parts, Worthy Hardware has the successful method to make them with tight machining tolerances well. Let's explore together how to process Teflon parts so that they are not prone to deformation?

(1) Because Teflon is soft plastic, during CNC machining, if the clamping problem is uneven or the force is uneven, it will cause deformation. So we must take into consideration the shape of the product. The best machining method is to reduce the amount of feed and optimize the processing technology and processing sequence.

(2)The temperature will affect the size of the Teflon material, so the work-piece will bend after the clamping process is released, then we need to use the clamping to fix the bottom plate and screw.

(3)If the Teflon raw material is too thick, then we need to repeat the machining many times to make the surface flat.

2.What is the PTFE applications in CNC machining ?

It is well known that Teflon has excellent chemical resistance, low friction, and non-stick properties, making it suitable for chemical, mechanical, electrical, construction, medical, and many other fields.

(1). Chemistry
In any corrosive medium, no matter how long it is exposed to, the size of CNC machining Teflon parts will not change.

(2). Machinery field
Teflon's low friction coefficient and self-lubricating material properties make it widely used in the manufacture of bearings, piston rings, machine tool guides, and sealing materials. Many bears, piston rings are made by the CNC machining process.

(3). Construction field
Teflon has a low coefficient of friction and high load-bearing capacity. Therefore, it can be used to manufacture load-bearing support seats on bridges and buildings.

(4). Electrical field
Teflon is an electrically insulating material. Teflon wires and cables are widely used in industries such as micromotors, thermocouples, program control devices, aviation, radar, television, and rockets. Among them, Teflon-insulated coaxial radio frequency cables, low-noise cables, and ribbon wires have been widely used.
Teflon neither dissolves nor swells in any known liquid, so the size of PTFE parts will not change in any corrosive medium, no matter how long it is exposed to it. Large thin-walled containers and experimental vessels made of Teflon are widely used in the actual operation of laboratories and factories that use corrosive liquids. In addition, they are also widely used in seals, pipes, pumps, valves, etc.

(5). Medical field
Teflon can be used to package particularly valuable medicines due to its water resistance, physiological inertness and non-stick properties.Moreover, the biggest advantage of Teflon is that it can be sterilized by any method,so is widely used in medical devices, such as suture needles, sterile pads, injection needles, etc.


CNC Machining Teflon Projects

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