How to Serve Our Distinguished Customers for Your Custom CNC Machining Parts in 2020?

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To our distinguished customers:

In first month after Chinese New Year in 2020, we would like to review the work what we did well and not well in last year, to make a better work plan in next year.

But firstly, pls allow us to say “Thank You” for the trust, patient and confidence of everyone like you to make more and more CNC Machining Parts orders.


The truth told us that our plan for 2019 achieved certain results and development direction of the company is right and suitable for us. We built the second office, closed to address of our cnc machine shop and quickly turned around it with 2 managers and 10 new employees. With a new team and a new office, we could act faster for customers’ demand. Meanwhile, considering there were more and more orders in 2020, we placed an order of two CNC Milling Machines with 5 Axis to increase our capability of CNC Machining Aluminum Parts, CNC turning parts, CNC machined aluminum part, CNC aluminum parts and 5 Axis CNC machining parts.


We completed our 2020 Roadmap for our business plan, development plan of our team and strategic policy. What means our roadmap is related to everyone in each department and the new blood in the future.

On the other hand, we pay attention to the “Value” of everyone in our big family. Spend time and energy establishing our culture including our values, vision and mission by having meeting, outdoor activities, parties and so on.

It is no doubt that our goal have been being to provide satisfied CNC Machining Products and Service to each customer.


As 2020 begins, we are trying our best to implement our plan for 2020 and make it better within 2020. According to our plan with update, we will improve ourselves in several respects, including checking and update of Machine, software, shipment, marketing and overall working environment.

Whatever the current events happen worldwide including trade barrier(trade wars, increased tariffs, trade agreements), geopolitical risks, more and more regional unrest and the horrible corona virus. You are always our focus and with our supports.

Finally, the word to you is “We strongly look forward to a long term and healthy cooperation with you in the future”. Thanks all for 2019 spent with you!

Hope you all is well in 2020!

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