The first “WEIYE CUP” badminton game is over, and every employee is dreaming of the champion!

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After a week of busy work, followed by our attention tengxi sports co., LTD. "weiye cup" the arrival of the badminton game, the game can be said to be spent a lot of thoughts and efforts to plan ah!Today, it finally arrived as promised, the smoke of the game is about to ignite, who is today's champion?

For the sake of fairness, this competition is mainly divided into three groups, namely management group, women's group and men's group.Because of the time, so this match only singles match, more consider the individual technical level!After an hour of warm-up, the kids are ready to go, adrenaline is pumping in the brain, and a big fight is on the way!

First came the women's competition.Game both sides of the two female staff came to the field, they are respectively Yancy and Care after the referee tossed COINS to decide priority serving side and preferred field. Then, is the serve, Yancy her ball Angle is very sharp, and very low, very fast, but even so, Care or firmly caught, and hit back, powerful Yancy response quickly, backhand is hit to the left of the Care, Care when the late game, a big jump headed the ball back, and in this way, two girls back and forth, difficult points up and down, very fierce!

Fierce competitions, compared to women, men this way is not enough view and admire a gender, may be because men have staff strength gap is a little different, so the basic soon ended a round, in addition to the Double and Mark between two masters have to fight more entertaining, Talon and Samsara two players quickly decided the outcome!The surprise was that Samsara, as quick as a monkey, would lose to Talon, a fat as a pig.

The management team ended the game last, so it was the most watched.This group of players are almost always entered the ranks of middle-aged people, body function and physical strength, certainly not as good as men and women in accordance with common sense, but the fact is just the opposite, the management group of players from the speed of the ball or the strength of the play are not inferior to men and women players, or even better, let these young players are a little from sigh not equal to!After two and a half hours of intense competition, each group's competition is also close to the end, the next is the most exciting prize presentation!Each group of winners have to go on stage to receive the award, and in the company's management photo!

(Yancy and Care's game scene)

(A group photo of all participants of "weiye cup")

This "WEIYE CUP" competition field, the staff that for the championship of the struggle, is the most true portrayal of our company!Our company attaches great importance to the cultivation of staff quality, always "quality first, customer service.Sustainable development, integrity-based "as the core values of the enterprise, this is also the fundamental reason for our enterprise to survive for 20 years!The company mainly engaged in some sports equipment or customized hardware accessories, providing CNC machining, cncturning, CNC machining and other CNC machining services.Cooperation with a number of suppliers, mainly exported to Europe and the United States and other countries and regions, enterprise strength, staff quality!Welcome your consultation and join!

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