Factors of success: “persistence” and “incentives”

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Whenever we see the classmates who have studied together and the friends who have played together, now that they have a successful career, they are still inactive, holding a thin salary and living a mediocre life, and it is always inevitable that some of them will be lost. There is a saying that is good: "Success lies in persistence." Is it necessarily successful? When we went to school, there were always some classmates: they studied harder and harder than the average person, but every time the test results came out, they were always bad. Are they really stupid than usual? the answer is negative. Because there are a lot of people who do things based on feelings, think that this method is right, it will be carried through to the end. However, he himself does not know that this method is actually wrong. Therefore, when some people continue to do something, the effect is actually worse, and even one thing is messed up. The people who use the right method are getting better and better, going smoothly, and finally succeeding. Therefore, based on the method used, we can choose to persist.

The way we do things and the surrounding environment seriously affect our direction. Today's companies generally work 8 hours a day, what are they doing during work hours? Shopping? Playing games? Watching a movie or staying in a dorm to play with a mobile phone? Few people insist on learning after work. There are many things to learn, knowledge in books, common sense in life, and professional knowledge in work. There is no end to learning, and there are many problems that I don’t understand. In fact, because we have not found a solution to him, some people have given up. Then immediately denied myself: "I won't, I can't do it." Then I sent the question back to the starting point. In the enterprise, if the boss confessed to her task, we rejected it very decisively, and then threw the burden back to the boss, then we have no meaning in this enterprise. Xunzi’s "Encouraging Learning" mentioned: "I tasted it all day long and thought it is better than what I have to learn." In this era of big data in the developed world, we have to find a solution to the problem. The actions of some people have shrunk when they encounter problems, and they have not learned how to solve problems. Some people like to learn other people's methods and solve problems. However, the latter has been reduced a lot in time, so he succeeded.

Being excellent is an habbit. Why do some of the top 500 companies recruit students from all kinds of key universities, and ordinary undergraduate colleges and colleges do not open recruitment? Because of the excellent talents, they must have their own good habits, habits, study habits, lifestyle habits and so on. There is a lot to say that they also know how to do it. They don't know that they will learn by themselves, and they learn very quickly. In this way, companies can actually save a lot of training costs. Perseverance is also a habit. A mediocre person, insist on learning, simple things to do, simple things to do repeatedly, deliberately train yourself, improve a little bit every day, find a sense of accomplishment and happiness, after reaching the point of change, mediocre people will become Excellent people!

Persistence is a long-term process. On this long march, we will encounter all kinds of difficulties and various kinds of blows. At this time, we need energy to let ourselves continue to persist, that is, encouragement!

Incentives are divided into individual incentives and team incentives. Spiritual motivation is the way to add energy to oneself. The role of it depends on the willpower of the parties, but this is not long-lasting. The soldiers of the Long March have persisted for so long and many of them are dying of hunger. Therefore, material incentives are for us. It is very important to say. Maslow’s needs are straightforward to explain this truth. He divides people's needs into five levels. From bottom to top, they are physiological needs, security needs, social needs, respect for needs, and self-realization. At the beginning, people are yearning for solving the problem of food and clothing. Therefore, salary has become a basic problem for people to choose their jobs. After the problem of food and clothing is solved, people's lives will gradually become more affluent. This is why people are beginning to worry about their property and personal safety. People began to ask to work in a relatively safe environment, they will buy insurance, they will live in a good community. These are all ways of personal motivation. Further up is the demand for social needs, feelings, and communication. It will give people a feeling of belonging to the group. This is a team incentive that is linked to a person's beliefs, experiences, and education. Respecting the demand, when a person meets the social needs, he begins to hope that he has a stable social status. He requires that the individual's ability and achievements are recognized by the society. In the end, all of the above requirements have been achieved, reaching the level of self-realization, which is the highest level of need, and it will give people the need to do everything they can.

In our current life, if you can do Maslow's business that can meet the needs of employees and motivate employees, it is also quite good. Now this kind of incentive is generally adopted by large companies. Small companies use this kind of There are only a handful of people in the system.

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