How to Ensure the supply of high quality CNC machining parts in COVID-19?

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COVID-19 has reported the disruption of global supply chains in addition to the humanitarian and social devastation caused by the coronavirus pandemic.Medical equipment is urgently needed, and manufacturers have ramped up production, working around the clock to speed up production to help cope with the crisis.A machine equipment needs many materials, parts to be composed, in which many of the equipment materials, CNC machining parts, precision stamping parts or any of the parts of a quality decline, the machine will cause adverse effects, serious may cause catastrophic consequences.

Suppliers need to pay attention to quality when producing parts and components. Quality has always been an important factor affecting the medical technology supply chain.But at a time when there is an urgent need to develop medical equipment, manufacturers and suppliers are under pressure to keep supplying the parts and components needed to make these products, not slackening at all in terms of quality, and more than ever before.Given the scale of production and the speed of delivery, manufacturers must ensure that their supply chain partners maintain high quality standards for parts, while delivering large volumes quickly.

Manufacturers should pay attention to the quality decline, delay in delivery and other problems.Quality-related concerns include the increase in each batch of nonconforming processed parts or the increase in the rejection of nonconforming products.Specification related errors are one of the most common challenges in managing supplier quality.For example, key dimensions are missing, tolerances are not up to snuff or specifications are out of date.

Unqualified processed parts will have an impact on medical equipment and are more likely to cause significant health hazards. When selecting suppliers to provide materials, frequent changes in suppliers may lead to unqualified materials.As demand for supplies increases and processes speed up, suppliers' materials, parts or processes -- and replacements or changes -- are critical.

The relationship between the manufacturer and the supplier should be based on communication, cooperation and transparency. When parts have problems in the production process, the supplier should timely identify, correct and communicate with the customer.Direct, honest communication between manufacturers and suppliers facilitates rapid changes to products and requirements.As part of establishing two-way communication, it is important to identify the responsibilities and expectations of both parties in order to properly manage the possibility and consequences of quality risks.Because of the massive supply disruptions, such as the pandemic, supply chains add another layer of complexity and urgency, manufacturers must strengthen partnerships with suppliers.

Worthy Hardware ,as a CNC manufacturing and sheet metal fabrication company, we focus on working with our suppliers at all times, especially during critical mass supply chain disruptions.Actively involve suppliers in the quality process, asking their opinions, questions and objectives.Positive and continuous cooperation can promote mutual understanding and create a win-win relationship between the two sides.


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