Why Customer is Not Always Right?

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Treating customers like they are always right can be self-destructive for entrepreneurs. It can have far-reaching consequences for the business and everyone associated with it, even the customers. So, here is the 4 reasons why customer is not always right.

1) Businesses might have limited resources

Entrepreneurs are not omnipotent, neither are their employees. Most businesses, especially the fledgling ones, operate with limited resources including limited time, funds, and energy. Every business experience its share of grudging customers, who, whatever might be done to satisfy their needs, will continue to complain. Businesses are not dependent on individual buyers. It is actually immature to spend all the energy to satisfy someone who does not intend to be happy.

2) It Adds Misery to Employees

A business with a giant clientele will invariably have its share of malicious, rude, snappy consumers. Among 50 customers there will at least be 5 who will end up rubbing you the wrong way. Making the employees believe that the customer is always right, is making them dejected. Between supporting your employees and taking sides with an intolerable, enraged customer, it is best to choose the former. Customers must get this message that though they are important they are not indispensable, while supporting employees always pays extra.

3) Customers Are Not Omniscient

The creator of a business and the team that works with him know best about the product or service they offer. But customers are often upset because the products don’t function the way they want them to. They can go to any extent and demand unrealistic even ludicrous things.

Often customers try to establish that they know better and try to share opinion and advice on how the business should run or the product/service should work. Irrespective of the sector of the business, it is risky to give the customers the liberty to think that they cannot be wrong.

4) It Pits Management Against Employees

The message that the customer is always right, places employees against customers and gives the former an advantage over the latter. This results in numerous problems. It demoralizes the employees, results in employee bitterness against the higher authorities and indicates that the organization favors the customers more than the workforce.

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