5 Axis CNC Machining: An Ultimate Guide


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There was a time when manufacturers had to reposition the workpiece manually. It took them multiple setups to create a single part. But today, the availability of a 5 axis CNC machine (computer numerically controlled machine) allows them to manufacture complex parts in less time and with higher precision.

5 axis CNC machining is a subtractive process that involves cutting the workpiece from the stock material into any desired shape or size in a single setup. This technique is mainly used in a number of industries to produce intricate parts.

In this article, we will briefly discuss 5 axis CNC machining along with its benefits and applications.

What is 5 Axis CNC machining?

5 axis CNC machining is a computer-operated manufacturing technique in which the cutting tool approaches the workpiece in simultaneous 5 axes in a single trip. The workpiece is attached to a rotary table that positions the stock material into the required angles. This helps the wide range of cutting tools remove the material from the stock. This advanced machining technique operates on three linear (x y and z) and two rotational (b and c) axis rotating around the linear ones simultaneously. A 5 axis machine is a must-have for industries in different sectors.

If you are also in search of a trusted 5 axis CNC machining supplier, then you are at the right place. Worthy Hardware is a trusted CNC machining service provider based in China. We have been dealing in all kinds of CNC lathes and drilled parts for more than 2 decade.

If you are also in search of a trusted 5 axis CNC machining supplier, then you are at the right place. Worthy Hardware is a trusted CNC machining service provider based in China. We have been dealing in all kinds of CNC lathes and drilled parts for more than 2 decade.

The process of manufacturing in 5 axis CNC machining is pretty simple. It comprises three steps.<


The first step is creating the design that you want to cut on the CNC machine. These are called CAD or computer-aided designs. You can use any software for this purpose.


After creating the design, you need to instruct the machine to perform the desired operations. These instructions are known as the CAM (computer-aided manufacturing).


The machine only reads instructions in the form of specific codes known as geometrical or G-codes. The last step in manufacturing is the feeding of the G-codes into the machine.

The 5 axis CNC machining uses a rotary table to hold the workpiece in place. This table can efficiently tilt in various positions to provide the optimum cutting angles. Both the rotary table and the cutting tool have a synchronized high-speed movement. It not only saves time but is also helpful in creating intricate designs with speed, accuracy, and a smooth surface finish.

Benefits of 5 Axis CNC machining

Businesses choose to invest in a 5 axis CNC machine because of all the advantages they get with it. Here are the top 5 benefits of using this high-speed manufacturing machine.

Fewer setups:

5 axis technology eliminates the need for multiple setups to manufacture a part. It helps to maintain the product quality and speed by accurately completing the task in a single setting. You can create a complicated geometry in bulk without compromising on the quality. Because the machine performs all operations based on software programs, there is hardly any chance of error.

Formation of complex parts:

The formation of complex designs was considered a hassle. Because manual machining requires the operator to rotate the workpiece manually, with 5 axis machining, you can work on the contoured surface with various tools.


With a 5 axis approach, we model the workpiece from each delicate angle. This enables us to machine the most intricate patterns with utmost precision. At Worthy Hardware, our highly skilled operators manufacture the parts you require with top-notch quality and accuracy. We can proudly say that we are the leading CNC machining provider with 100s of machining projects worldwide.

High Production:

Once you feed your design in the 5 axis machine, you can now stay back and let the machine do its job. You can manufacture as many parts of the same design with quality and precision. This helps a business to yield high production of parts in less time. This helps in increasing the ROI for the company.

Precise finishing:

The two rotatory axes of the 5 axis machine help bring the cutting tool closer to the workpiece. This enables the tool to precisely craft and model the raw material in your desired shape. This technique helps to achieve a smooth and precise finishing

Difference between 5 Axis CNC Machining and 3 Axis CNC machining

Many people cannot choose between 5 axis machines and 3 axis CNC machines. Here are some quality differences between the two CNC machines that will help you decide faster.

Rotational axes:

A 3 axis machining will proceed in the x y and z-axis while the 5 axis machines work in two additional rotatory axes. These are called the A and B axis. This gives the machine more freedom of movement to carve the model precisely.


The 3 axis machining center has much simpler programming than the 5 axis one. The reason is simple. A 3 axis machine needs to work only on the x y and z-axis. However, in the 5 axis CNC machining, the workpiece table can rotate as needed, and the cutting tool can function from 5 simultaneous axes. This means that 5 axis machines have much more complex programming and usually require an expert operator to work on them.


The pricing for both machines varies greatly. Three-axis machines are more affordable than 5 axis. But even though it is expensive, businesses and industries choose to invest in 5 axis CNC machining centers because of their accuracy and the ability to machine complicated parts faster.

Complex geometries:

5 axis CNC machining produces various complex geometries whereas, 3 axis machining is usually best for cutting flat surfaces. You can also manufacture some tricky parts with 3 axis machines. But it will not be as precise as a 5 axis CNC machine.

At Worthy Hardware, our 5 axis machining centers can efficiently tap, mill, drill or lathe the same workpiece in a single go. This helps in the making of various industrial parts accurately in less time.

Labor cost:

As a 3 axis machine works on multiple programming setups - you need more labor to operate it. On the other hand, CNC machines with 5 axes require more skilled operators. This way, industries operating on 5 axis machines have to hire fewer people saving a lot of labor costs.

The application for 5 Axis CNC machining

5 axis machining is used wildly for producing various small and large parts for different industries. Here are some applications of the machine.

Custom parts manufacturing:

This machine is best for producing custom parts for gadgets and other pieces of machinery. The only requirement is a CAD for the custom design, and the machine can manufacture it effortlessly. The horizontal and vertical machining center helps cut the material in the required custom shapes and sizes. Worthy Hardware is a certified CNC machining service provider. We have been manufacturing various custom parts on order for over a decade. You can provide us with your designs and choose your required material. Our qualified operators will spare no effort in creating your desired product.


From manual cars to automatic cars and now electronic, the automotive industry brings more and more innovation. A big reason behind these innovative designs is the advanced CNC machining techniques. Most of the complex parts for these industries are made through CNC machines. As the machines are computer-controlled, repeatability is not an issue. Once you automate the process of a specific part, the quality, design, and accuracy will be consistent, which is the most crucial aspect for any industry.

Aerospace manufacturing:

Aerospace is the biggest consumer of CNC machined parts. As mentioned above, these industries require precision in every detail. The ability of CNC machining to automate the manufacture of complex parts for these industries and deliver both quality and quantity with high grade in less time makes it the go-to for standard quality manufacturing. The top concern when it comes to manufacturing parts for aircraft is - safety. A single faulty part can bring about thousands of dollars at the aerospace stations.

Molds and dies production:

Molds and dies prepared with CNC machining have higher tolerance rates and accuracy. These parts are used mainly for the automobile sector. Molds and dies are manufactured by heating a metal and reforming it in the desired shape and size. .

Prototype models:

Prototypes are necessary before we automate the machine to produce a whole batch. One of the most crucial applications of 5 axis machining is the preparation of prototype models. If the model passes the test to perform the required functions - we move towards mass production.


CNC machining technology has enabled a lot of industries to bring advancement and innovation. It is the most used machining method to manufacture custom parts, tools, and models. 5 axis machining works on five axes with two rotational axes. The tilting table helps to achieve great accuracy. It has horizontal and vertical machining centers to provide you with what you need.

If you are looking for a company to provide you with an industry-graded manufacturing service - then Worthy Hardware is the right place for you. We aim to deliver you exactly what you order with high quality, precision, and accuracy. Do you have any queries? Give us a call or fill out this form so our experts can get in touch with you.


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