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Worthy has delivered high-quality precision machining and Sheet metal fabrication services for more than 20 years.
From prototyping to mass production, from metal, and plastic to wood and carbon fiber, we help manufacture products with complex geometries. Our advanced technologies and skilled experts could allow us to supply an extensive range of on-demand manufacturing services.

CNC Machining

Our CNC machines offer the unparalleled precision with a fast and cost-effective method for producing high-quality for metal and plastic parts.

CNC Milling

One of our latest 4 axis cnc milling machining center could delivery the prototypes parts and mass production parts used in all kind of industry.

CNC Turning and Lathe

Worthy precision produced thousands of CNC turned components since we established.We can always choose the suitable turning process to reach your requirement of both quality and price.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Our custom sheet metal services offer a cost-effective and on-demand solution for your manufacturing needs

Precision Stamping Service

Our press range from 16 tons to 250 tons could punch 0.1mm to 10mm metal stamping parts for the aerospace, military, medical, and other commercial industries.Our extensive stamping capabilities include single stamping, progressive dies, forming, blanking, and deep drawing.

Surface Finishing Service

Surface finishing processes can be divided into three primary categories, each with unique benefits: mechanical finishes, surface treatments, and heat treatments

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How Worthy Works

For more than two decades, we simply the working process, from the prototypes to parts deliveried fast only with 4 simple steps.


Send the design for quote

To start, simply fill in a few information and upload the drawings. We accept all kinds of format drawings
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Quote & design analysis

Our engineers will analyze how to make the parts better and then quote the perfect prices.

Order confirmation

After confirming the quote, samples will be sent for approval, then mass production will be made.

Ship out the parts

After the parts pass the inspection of QC, we will pack them well and then ship them to your destination.

Our Manufacturing Facilites

We work with a wide range of services from prototypes, mass production, tools with the help of our advanced equipment and skilled workers.Our monthly production capacity for CNC machining is more than 100,000 pcs and for stamping parts with 1,000,000pcs,even more.

Why you choose Worthy Hardware to do business?

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we strictly implement the ISO standards throughout our production lines for consistently high-quality products. All the prototyping,mass production, tools will be 100% inspected and packed saftely.We ensure every component meets your desired specifications

Instant Quoting

Generally, quotations will be sent in hours after submitting RFQs with clear information.

Fast Delivery

For prototypes,it will spend 3 working days for production; For mass production, it will take 10-15 days for production.Moreover if you need the parts urgently, we could make the more faster.


Rich production capacity

We could handle CNC machining projects and sheet metal fabrication projects and precision stamping parts projects.

Quality Assurance

We strictly follow ISO9001:2015 quality standards to make each project.This means our production lines feature advanced technologies that give manufacturing precision and accuracy. With sophisticated measuring and testing equipment in house, we check all incoming material and parts to meet your specifications. That’s why we are outstanding among the CNC machining companies in China. Learn more about our quality control system.

Qualified Network Partners

We have very solid relationship with our partners, such as raw material, surface finishing, tools ,clampings for CNC machines.Then our quality could be assured well.

25 years in the industry

Established in 1998 , with more than 25 years CNC Machining manufacturing, our engineers have built up rich experience. We can handle all types of projects.


Fast Turnaround

Unlimited capacity, experienced engineers and a flexible production system allow us to create your prototype and production parts in a short period.

Stable employees

Many of our employees have grown up with the company Worthy Hardware, and they have regarded Worthy as their second home, which largely guarantees delivery and quality.

Work With Numerous Industries

From prototyping to production, Worthy Hardware ensures superior quality and reliable functionality.Many manufacturing industries, including automotive, electronics, medical,marine, music and energy, use CNC machining as a manufacturing technology. It is also appropriate for various engineered materials, including wood, brass, stainless steel, alloy steel, peek, ptfe, and many other composite materials.


CNC technology has increased output levels in the automobile sector by accelerating the manufacturing process.Our advanced CNC machines could support your low-volume order for on-demand automotive parts.


The most widely used method of machining in the electrical sector is CNC because CNC machining maintains a high degree of precision and is an automated process.


When CNC machining comes to the medical field, it is utilized to produce a variety of medical equipment that may be used for a wide range of different items, such as artificial joints, dental work, and several surgical equipment.


To build high-quality and high-performance boats, the manufacturing parts require precision and efficiency. Then CNC machining is the best choice for your boat parts.


CNC processing is an excellent tool for making and replicating musical instruments, and the unparalleled surface, coupled with the wonderful sound, makes more people passionate about music.


Hydraulic valves for the oil and gas sector, solar cells, and wind turbine parts are just a few examples of cutting-edge machinery needed for diligent energy generation.


I’ve been working with Chinese manufactures since 2004. Worthy Hardware is by far my favorite, because of the way they handle business and the quality of what they make. If you ever want to use for an endorsement I would be happy to do so.




👤 David Musian

I wanted to thank you and your team for the excellent job making these parts for us. They turned out really good. We like the surface finish, that is perfect and appealing to look at. The parts were very well packed also. Thank you for the job well done!




👤 Kay Thaele

DG Worthy is one of the best companies I have ever worked with. Their work is exceptional. CNC Work, polishing work, anodizing work… everything theydo is done to the highest of standards. I greatly enjoy working with them. They are reliable, honest, fair and their prices are reasonable. I absolutely love working with DG Worthy!


👤 Justin Evans

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