What should you know about CNC Anodizing Aluminum?

cnc anodizing aluminum

CNC aluminum machining

Anodizing process can work by transforming the metal surface into an anodized oxide layer. This layer is durable, corrosion-resistant, decorative, and controls oxidation problems.These characteristics make it better than other non-ferrous metals. It can use more than magnesium, zinc, and titanium.CNC machining and prototyping, and it's causing quite a stir. This newcomer offers an attractive alternative to traditional manufacturing methods, and its growing popularity is forcing parts manufacturers to notice. So what is this mysterious new player? It's called CNC rapid prototyping. 

Anodizing is performed to manufacture parts having excellent durability and performance. You can employ an electrochemical procedure for the production of anodic aluminum oxide.With the treatment of regular aluminum, you can obtain anodized with remarkable durability. You can use it to immerse the metal by using different electrolysis tanks.

What is the aluminum anodizing Process?

The anode layer of aluminum oxide in one of the tanks grows the metal itself, and then the production of anodic aluminum oxide is completed. It is different from coating and painting and can not peel off. The anodized oxide coating is hard and durable, and it is not easy wearing out in normal conditions. Its surface does not damage in severe weather conditions

One of the main reasons for the popularity and most used aluminum applications is its lightweight and complex capabilities. It is three times harder than raw material and 60% lighter than other metals such as stainless steel and copper.

Advantages of anodized aluminum for CNC machining

The rare and unique anodized finish is the only available metal in the industry that can satisfy all factors you must consider for high performance and remarkable durable finish for your part.

Anodized aluminum is most popular in consumer electronics due to its durability, glossy surface, no wear and tear abilities and strength, and appealing features. You can add color to CNC machined parts with the process of anodizing.

The outer layer of anodized is greatly porous, and colors and dyes can find their way and do not flake and chip on the part's surface.


Most anodized products offer significant advantages and a long life span, and it is not easy to peel or chip off the anodized part. Polar oxidation can be one cause to change the aluminum base material at the molecular level. Anodizing is a reacted finish and is three times harder than standard aluminum, and it can incorporate with the underlying aluminum for unmatched adhesion and bonding.

Easy Maintenance

Anodize parts are easy to clean and maintain and can restore their natural finish effortlessly. Resorting an anodized surface and part to its original look and removing dirt is possible by cleaning with mild soap and water. There are no scares, wear, installation, and gentle cleaners to clean difficult deposits. These characteristics make aluminum anodizing a reliable and best finishing than coating and painting method for CNC machining, extruded aluminum parts, and die-casting.

Increased Corrosion Resistance

Anodized aluminum has increased corrosion resistance and is well established for transportation components, industrial applications, storage containers, and building elements. These sectors used anodizing aluminum to expand the uses and life of the aluminum structures.

As a metal oxide, aluminum can make the anodic oxide film have solid electrical insulation, critical for an aluminum product. Anodic oxidation is required to get a capacitive dielectric layer. This layer makes it safe for kitchen appliances and can give durable and superior corrosion resistance with no wear and tear capabilities.

Difference between Common Anodizing and Hard Anodizing

Anodizing aluminum can produce aluminum oxide on the surface of machined aluminum parts and makes it good wear-resistant. It may customize as hard and standard anodizing. Hard anodizing is a solid and durable aluminum form, and its production in CNC machining, its quality per customers' need and properties are different from standard anodizing. Some main differences are as under:

1.The main difference is the thickness and appearance of common and hard anodized. Hard anodized aluminum has a more uniform aluminum surface and coating and more consistency, providing high abrasion resistance to the surface of hard-anodized aluminum.

2.Common or standard anodizing can perform in sulfuric acid or chromic acid, but hard anodizing mainly uses sulfuric acid with oxalic acid or amino sulfonic acid or sulfuric acid solution.

3.The production condition is changed for the hard anodizing. Its coating can perform in high current density and lower temperatures when the thickness is more than 25 microns.

4.Hard anodize may not require sealing as it has a durable and waterproof thick aluminum surface. In contrast, a common anodizing seal closes the pores produced in the conversion process to aluminum oxide as it has a weak coating and thin surface.

5.Hard anodize is used chiefly in commercial and industrial applications such as pans, food cookware, hydraulics. Standard sulfuric anodized is used in most automotive, aerospace, and architecture industries.

6.The component and part requiring wear resistance and heavy-duty surface mostly utilize hard-anodized like pistons and hydraulics. A thick surface can provide hard-anodized aluminum with an excellent abrasion-resistant surface.


Anodizing can increase the environmental virtues of aluminum and utilize its alloy as base metal to manufacture a solid and thin corrosion-resistant finish for the CNC part. It is because of specific characteristics of aluminum metal, unlike coating and paint used for the same purpose. It can extend the life span of its products and has a low-cost transportation cost compared to copper, steel, and brass.

There are many good reasons and factors to utilize aluminum for CNC machining, like other fabrication processes. It is one of the most suitable materials with various alloys and excellent machinability to produce anodize parts.

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