What is Precision Machining and the advantage of Precision CNC Machining

advantage of Precision CNC Machining

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Most designers and purchasers have heard of CNC machining.Some have heard “precision” tacked on as well. But people looking for these services — especially those considering an upgrade from manual machining — might not understand what each term truly means. Or what they’re truly getting out of a precision machine product.

Here at Worthy Hardware we are often asked the question “what is precision machining?”

Precision machining is specified by OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) to transform materials. A precision machinist is someone who takes a raw piece of material — often metal — and shaves it down to a desired shape. 

Precision machining in its basic form is taking a larger piece of material and cutting off the excess to create a smaller piece of material. The larger piece of material is changed in some way using a material removal procedure.  This small piece of material will fit exactly where needed and can be used to smoothly carry out its desired task. Generally it will involve cutting materials into exact shapes and sizes and as such a wide range of machinery is used.

With this knowledge in hand, you can decide whether your project requires a precision machining shop to take your idea to the finish line.

What is the advantages for Precision CNC Machining?

1. ) Low Error

By using CNC machines, once the correct specifications are keyed in, the automated precision machining process takes over. The chances for error is extremely low as compared to human machining. When you outsource this work, you avoid the need to recruit and hire the highly skilled staff needed to run these machines.

2.) Less Material Waste

As the core concept of precision machining is subtraction, there is enormous potential for material waste from start to finish on a single product. CNC precision machining helps reduce material costs due to wastage from human error. Contract companies may also be buying the material needed for your job is bulk, and pass the savings on to you.

3.) Consistent Product Quality

Precision machining via CNC machines leads to consistent output time after time. Consistently producing quality product runs leads to customer confidence and enhances your brand’s awareness.

4.) Improved Workflow

When looking at how to manage opportunity costs, it’s key that engineers’ time and skills are spent in actual product development and not tiny design changes. A company that offers contract precision machining services can usually assist with minor modifications during the prototyping process to meet design and/or industry standards.

5.) Reduced Turnaround Time

Opportunity exists to improve your existing factory workflow (either with in-house precision machines if you can afford the machine investment and the skilled labor to operate it), or, by using contract machining services. A contract company is experienced in this type of work and have the system in place to get the job done as efficiently as possible.

6.) Faster Production Cycles

Being able to offer your product to market faster gives you an edge over facilities that are still using older methodologies. You’re also likely to be more flexible with changes due to industry regulations or customer requests.

7.) Easier Prototype Testing

Precision machining offers your business an opportunity to explore smaller niche markets with potential for high returns. Precision CNC machining can allow for a flexible product-development phase as the niche opportunity is determined. If the market has a demand, the machining can be shifted into a full-scale production mode.

Precision machining also allows for prototypes to have functional parts, as opposed to a more concept/design prototype. Functional prototypes instill more confidence from investor stakeholders than concept-only.

Here at Worthy Hardware we offer contract CNC precision machining for many industries: automotive, optics & aerospace, military, transportation and more. We can help you design and prototype precision parts, as well as run large-scale runs for turnkey products.Get your precision parts machined to spec – and fast. Contact us for a quote today.


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