What is Precision CNC Machining Service?

CNC machining

cnc machining

In the modern world, CNC machining services play a vital role. These machines have bought a revolution in many industries. They have changed the manufacturing process very efficiently. As the world is moving towards more and more automation, this industry is well adopting the trends. CNC machines use high-speed cutting tools to remove excess material from a workpiece and give it the desired shape and size. With custom CNC machining, we can achieve all this at much higher precision!

In this article, you will learn everything about precision CNC machining services along with their advantages.

What are Precision CNC Machining Services?

Precision CNC machining is a subtractive manufacturing process that produces precise and highly accurate machined parts. To put it simply, it is the process of manufacturing the desired product which requires strict tolerances.

This type of CNC machine mainly focuses on the manufacturing of surgical instruments, aerospace, and automobile components. With CNC machining, the machinists can set the tolerances for the machine as low as the project demands. It helps to achieve a higher degree of accuracy, repeatedly at a low cost.

Surface Finish for CNC machined parts

After the production, surface finishes are also very crucial for the part to last longer. The most used finishing techniques that come under CNC machining services are:

  • Anodizing: It is an electrochemical method of improving the surface of the machined parts. We use alloys of different metals, usually aluminum and titanium to create a protective coat over the surface
  • Powder coating: If a colored surface is required for the part, then powder coating is the go-to. It is best suited for parts with outdoor applications.
  • Chemical or mechanical treatment: Chemical and mechanical finishes help to achieve a smoother and more precise surface finish. We treat the surface with either chemical or grind the surface for a mechanical finish
  • Nickel plating: The process involves a thin coating of nickel on the CNC machined parts through an electrolytic process. The goal is to achieve a decorative look and increase corrosion resistance
  • Electroless nickel plating: This type of plating also has the same properties as the one mentioned above. However, the difference lies in the process of plating as it is electroless and does not require any electric current.

A good surface finish enhances the electrical and corrosion resistance of the part. It ultimately results in the production of high-performing machine parts.

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Advantages Of Precision CNC machining

CNC machines play a vital role in the production of custom machined parts. The benefits of using a computer numerical control machine have led to various advancements that we see today in the Modern world. Here are the top advantages of precision CNC machining services.

Fast manufacturing

CNC machining is known for time-saving and quality production. A big plus point is that the machines can work 24\7 without any interruption and produce the desired quality products.

We can also control the speed of the spin of both the cutting tool and workpiece and make it faster to match the demands. These qualities allow making the manufacturing fast, accurate, and efficient.

Little to no waste:

The main principle of work in CNC machines is to machine without creating much waste. A CNC machine process the raw material as instructed by the coded programs of the computer. These programs are also useable for the upcoming batches. This way industries can make smart use of the available material and cut down on the potential waste.

Enhance personal safety:

One of the setbacks of manual machining was the risk of human safety because it involved physical interaction with the machine to produce a part.

With CNC machines, human interaction is limited to the role of supervising the performance, running the software, and quality checks. Due to this automation factor, the workplace has become safer, and more productive.

Lower production cost:

Modern CNC machining is all about automation. One of the best advantages of CNC machining is the precision milling and turning of the workpiece leading to lower production costs. It also helps in lowering the labor cost as industries only have to hire a few skilled laborers to regulate the functions of the machines.

No human error:

All CNC machining work runs on computer software. The manufacture of the prototype models before the production allows the machinists to eradicate any potential error in the machined parts. CNC machining services have enabled businesses to precisely measure and control all the movements of the cutting tool which leaves no room for any human error!

Increased accuracy and precision:

A high-quality CNC machine is capable of performing more than one operation in a single setup. They can automatically change the cutting tool as instructed. 5 axis CNC machines can approach the workpiece at 5 different angles. This modern CNC machining technology allows us to achieve higher accuracy and precision in every detail of the custom machined part.

Process for precision CNC machining:

The machining processes are different for different CNC machines. However, the basic machining remains the same. In this process, the machine removes extra material from the stock with utmost precision and accuracy. The difference lies only in the orientation or process of machining.

CNC machining:

It is the most basic type of machining with a moving router and a fixed workpiece. The high speed of the cutting tools on the contoured surface of the stock enables us to manufacture custom CNC machined parts. The workpiece rotates around the tool at a high speed to remove the excess material.

The movement of the cutting tool is controlled by computer-aided programs like CAD (Computer-aided designs) and CAM (computer-aided manufacture). With the help of these designs, the machinists can create 3d prints that help to achieve the best products. But, for precision machining, the models, and designs must contain minute details. It helps the machine to cut through the material more precisely. They can work on a wide range of CNC machining materials like Aluminum, Brass, Metals, Plastics, Stainless Steel, and much more to manufacture a wide range of high-quality CNC parts in minimum lead time.

Multiple axis CNC milling:

3 axis 4 and 5 axis CNC milling machines are the most common types of multiple-axis machines. A milling machine uses rotatory cutting tools while the workpiece is held in static. Rapid prototyping before moving towards mass production ensures the product is error-free. The main benefit of the multi-axis CNC machines is that they can machine more custom CNC parts in less time with the same quality standard. The process of multi-axis milling machines proceeds with single-point cutting which can approach the stock material in 3, 4, and 5 axis. The rest of the process is the same as described above.

Another modern-day precision CNC machine is called the machining center. It can machine a workpiece with more than one tool, on multiple axes in a single setup. It helps bring down the lead time even more than 5 axis milling machine. CNC milling machines are used for the high-volume production of more complex precision machined parts and intricate designs.

CNC turning:

CNC turning machine performs the same functions as a milling machine. But, the key difference is the orientation of the tool and table. Turning machines use a single-point fixed cutting tool and a moving workpiece table. It can efficiently machine on both the internal and external surfaces of the material which is also known as boring. CNC turning machines mainly manufacture cylindrical parts.

The process of CNC turning comprises a few steps. It begins with the cam and cad file of the program. These programs are converted into G-codes. The next step is to choose the suitable tool for the part to be manufactured. If the custom CNC machined part requires more than one tool, the turrent can hold these extra tools. The last step is to set the cutting tool and work table for the process to begin.

Swiss CNC machining:

A swiss type CNC machine is one of the most modern high precision CNC machines. From rapid prototyping to custom precision parts and intricate designs, swiss machines are the best choice. It can deliver very tight tolerances on demand. The process of machining for this Swiss machine is different than other machines.

  • The stock of raw material is inserted into the tooling area of the machine.
  • The material outside the tooling part is held firmly on a fixed support
  • For a Swiss-type lathe, the material can move and rotate along the axis
  • Swiss turning machines perform exceptionally well on unturned surfaces. They can perform more than one function simultaneously.

The main applications of a swiss machine are in the military and defense industry, manufacture of medical devices and equipment, minute parts for both automobiles and aerospace.

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Tools used for precision CNC machining

There are more than 8 types of CNC machines. Each machine performs different operations. The difference in these machines is in the orientation of the cutting tool, spin, fixed tools, moving tools, rotation, and the movement of the rotatory table.

Some of the most used cutting tools for CNC machining services are:

Fly cutters:

Fly cutters are the go-to tool for industries for more than one reason. It not only serves as a cutting tool but also to achieve a nice and smooth surface finish

Plain mills:

Plain mills are also known as slab cutters. It is the best tool for creating both wide and narrow cuts in a short time. Typically, plain mills have four sharp edges pointed outward.

Face mills:

As the name suggests, face mill cutters create a flat face on the material. The primary use of the tool is in the machine used for the CNC milling process. It is used to make grooves or slots on the surface of the material. To achieve a more complex design in reduced lead time, use aside and face cutter which serves an additional purpose of cutting the sidewalls of the piece.

End mills:

It is a cutting tool with sharp flutes towards the end. In a regular end mill, there are up to 8 flutes. If you want to cut down a metal without predrilling, then end mills are your go-to tool. It can easily remove large amounts of material in a single rotation

Hollow mills:

Hollow mills are usually used during the CNC milling process for cylindrical workpieces. The tool is itself cylindrical (pipe-shaped) with three or more sharp edges on one end. It also helps in finishing projections on the surface.

Gear cutters:

Gear cutters are specialized cutting tools that help manufacture gears for different industries like automobiles. They are the major tool for the manufacturing of helical gears, screws, and bevels.

Drill bits:

Drill bits are by far the simplest and most common precision cutting tool. It is a long conical rod with helical grooves on the surface. It forms small holes on the workpiece where the ejector drills help in making deep holes.


To conclude, high CNC machining focuses more on the precision of the machined parts, along with other factors. There is high accuracy in every detail of the CNC parts manufactured with this machine. Manual machining resulted in low-volume manufacturing. Now it has been very efficiently replaced by CNC machining

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