What Is Custom CNC Machining & Things You Need To Know? 

cnc machining

cnc machining

When it comes to custom CNC machining, most people don't know about it, as it is associated with the technical field. Computer numerical control machining is a necessary manufacturing process. The custom CNC Machined parts produced by this process play an essential part in ensuring your entire machine works efficiently. And thanks to the precise production of various parts.

Custom CNC machining produces exact parts that are impossible in manual processing or anywhere else. It doesn't limit CNC Machining; instead, it takes different forms of CNC Machining, including CNC turning, EDM, and CNC milling, which a particular company offers. 

Now people are behind customizable and precise CNC machined parts, and luckily, through CNC turning, CNC milling & CNC machining, it's possible to get the desired Machined parts. People need custom CNC Machined parts when they want special requirements for common parts. It meets the customer's needs thoroughly. Now the creation of precise parts with CNC Machining services and other CNC forms or CNC machine tools (such as CNC milling services, CNC turning) is available. Let's learn more about CNC production machining, its working process, advantages, considerations, materials, and so on. Just stay tuned with us.

How to Work

To get CNC machining work, you need a digitalized computer (by using a CAD file) that automates, controls, and monitors the movement of the industrial machine. In large industrial plants, the computer is mostly installed in the machines. 

The exact movements which the code controls always depend on the type of CNC machine that is being used. Let's learn it deeply in different steps.  

  • First of all, the CAD model or program is installed in the CNC machine. 
  • Then the data is processed by singing in it and preparing the set of commands sent to the driving system. 
  • Now the driver system observes the commands sent by the CNC machine and controls the velocity and motion of the machine tool. 
  • Then the feedback system observes the velocity and position measurement and then sends these signals to the MCU of the CNC machine. 
  • Finally, a display unit shows the working process, program, commands, plus other essential data. It is known as the eye of the system. 

Types Of Custom CNC machining

There are some types of CNC machining that are introduced in the modern market. Let's explore them one by one.

5-Axis CNC Machining Centers

5-axis machining provides infinite possibilities as to the part shapes and sizes you can effectively process. The term "5-axis" explains the number of directions where the cutting tool can move in all positions. On a 5-axis machining center, all the cutting tools move across the X, Z, and Y along with linear axes plus rotates on axes A and axes B to reach the workpiece from all sides direction. In other words, you can even process five sides of the given part in a single setup to achieve custom CNC Machined parts.

Benefits of 5-axis Machining:

  • Complex Designs 
  • Rotational Accuracy
  • Faster Material Removal
  • Better Surface Finishes

Prototype Plastic Machining

Depending on the geometry, CNC machining would be one of the fastest and most reliable methods of creating plastic prototypes. CNC machines usually use multiple cutting tools along with cutter paths that are optimized for the particular cut intended in the process of carving or achieving a 3D model directly from a solid block of plastic. 

This particular plastic CNC machining technology is highly & extremely versatile, complex, feasible for a vast range of product sizes, capable of having threaded features, plus particularly suited to prototypes that require tight tolerances. Fast turnaround time for all completed models is possible with the suppliers who specialize in prototype machining. Rapid Prototyping CNC machining service is extremely valuable & reliable as a product geometry check before initiating full production injection molding tooling.

There are also various advantages that CNC machining holds over 3D printing technology, one of which is the mechanical quality plus the available range of thermoplastic materials. Parts that are CNC machined become bestow improved structural integrity over plastic parts as well, which is essential when producing functional prototypes. Typically, this creation method is always used to produce plastic prototypes that will be tested under the same conditions as injection molded parts. 

Metal Machining

Metal machining is a well-known form of a manufacturing process that is used in the production of metal parts, machinery, or tools. It involves versatile processes to ensure & get the final product's desired design in terms of hole diameter, finishing, shape, size, and texture. There are also additional materials which are used in the machining process depend on the following: Plastics, rubber, and paper goods. 

Wood Machining

Wood Machining explains working with versatile tools like a shaper, double-ended tenner, router, four siders where the employee ensures grinds will cutters and/or sets up and/or a router and/or a shaper hand which works freehand.

Unlike manual work, CNC machines are able to work continuously without compromising & plunging quality. Therefore, flexibility and safety are highly important in the wood machining process. 

Advantages Of Custom Machining

CNC machining has plenty of advantages under its belt, and no sector is an exception to it. Through CNC machining advantages, you get what you want without zero alternation in the exact sample. Here we will highlight some prominent advantages as you should be familiar with them. 

High Precision and High-Quality Parts

CNC machining always allows the creation of demanding applications in all sectors. Even with small diameters & unique features on a particular part, and the high precision power of CNC production allows you to get precisely & exactly what you need. In addition, the production machine regularly allows the production of similar & exact parts over and over unless the last piece you order

Timely Production

Custom CNC Machined Parts always help to remove blocks of raw materials unless you get the desired shape. A computer manages the production of Machined Parts and ensures the speed is according to a set limit. Considering the machine is modified to follow specific procedures, it is indeed hard to encounter mistakes that could lead to repeating the process. Further, a company that provides CNC machining services consists of professional CNC engineers having experience in producing plenty of parts plus translating to a quick turnaround.


When a product is nicely designed, it is hardly found in multiple stores. If you find it in rare stores, then it is expensive. By choosing custom machining services, you remove the possibility of spending more budget than you should & still get a high-quality product.

Considerations For Design CNC Machining 

CNC machines are an excellent modern-day technology that provides a wide range of possibilities for accurate parts, but if you set a good design, then you can achieve the end product. So to achieve the best end-products, you mind some considerations for part geometry. These are some basic design guidelines and corresponding tools you should follow throughout the post-processing.

Inner Edges

Inner Edges are also named sharp edges in design, so they are one-third of the cavity depth, and for surface finish, the corner radius works perfectly instead of a 90-degree angle. But if someone wants a 90-degree angle, then they should use a T-bone undercut. 


Holes require special tooling because they are tricky to handle. Holes can take drilling or CNC mills tools. If higher accuracy is needed, the diameter of the hole should be less than 20mm, and non-standard diameters can be Machined with end diameter. 

Thickness of Wall

Thin walls decrease the wall thickness and shorten the material stiffness of soft metals plus give low friction; thus, low volume production runs. In addition, in the case of plastic as well as other wear resistance, corrosion-resistance, and high thickness of the wall can mitigate the stress in custom CNC Machined Parts. 

Materials Available for Custom machining


Aluminium  6061-T6 /Aluminum 6063-T6/Aluminum 5052/Aluminum 5083/Aluminum 6082/Aluminum 7050/Aluminium 7075-T6/Aluminum 2024-T3


Stainless Steel 303/Stainless Steel 304/Stainless Steel 316/Stainless Steel 420/Stainless Steel 430/Stainless Steel 440C/Stainless Steel 17-4PH/Nitronic 60


Copper C11000


Brass C37700/Brass C36000/Brass C26000


Titanium  (Grade 5)


Magnesium – Grey (Magnesium AZ31)


Steel 1010/Steel 1018/Steel 1215/Steel 1045/Steel 4140/Steel 4130/Tool Steel D2



Nylon (PA 6)/Garolite G10/PE/Carbon Fiber/PEEK/PET/PMMA


Which Industries Require Custom CNC Machining

Several industries, from the top medical devices field to daily transportation, all rely on CNC machining tools. Thanks & credit to the advancement in the two computers and machines, the CNC machining task allows for more and more intricate customized designs compared to what other production methods could achieve.

Some manufacturers often have their machines to produce CNC Parts, which they use to make the products they need. Different machines use different techniques to absorb & work with different materials that are based on what each & every sector needs for its parts. Other companies also decide to work with reliable & professional CNC machining businesses to achieve their parts.

By using and taking the right machine plus material for the job, CNC machines could serve a vast range of industries as they are computerized controls. And all these industries have their own needs, which that shows not all uses plus exploration of custom CNC machining services can work for every business. Even some companies within the same industry can find versatile applications for CNC machining in their fields. Here is a list of some industries which highly rely on CNC machining… 

  • Medical Industry
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Transportation Industry
  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Military and Defense Industry
  • Electronics Industry
  • Marine Industry

Why work with Worthy Hardware

At Worthy Hardware, our motto is "If you imagine a design, we will build it." Our particular custom CNC machining services are always here to offer you the durability plus precision you need for your bulk material or mass production along with end-use products, with our full range of metal fabrication services, including laser, punching, forming, welding, chemical conversion coating (of any type be it chromate conversion coating, nickel plating, zinc plating powder coating, electroless nickel plating), CNC milling service, and painting to get Machined parts. 

We bring your imaginative & artistic vision of production CNC parts to reality in mass production that is hard to find in other online CNC machine shops. Our professional expertise goes through your design throughout the mass production and carefully evaluates the mass-produced items as Machined with CNC machining. Our surface Finish & surface treatments products are highly tested for function, integrity, plus quality before proceeding to a trusted and reliable carrier. Get our custom CNC machining parts & CNC Machining quote now! 

Each & every project we do and take responsibility for is carefully controlled plus created in-house, from start to finish, to bring custom CNC Machined parts or custom CNC parts. Contact us today or schedule a meeting for more information about online CNC machining services or  and get instant CNC machining quotes to make your project's goals successful! We will surely help your company with our reliable & high-quality CNC machining mass production services. Benefits you will get by working with us.

Guaranteed Quality

We're an ISO-certified company plus have professional & experienced engineers who always ensure quality work. Moreover, we use high-end raw materials converted into quality end products.

Instant Quoting

It all starts when you need your designing prototype or part using 2D or 3D CAD. Once you finalize, then upload the specific file on our order form. Within a couple of hours, we'll go through the file and list out the price that depends on what is required for the production.

Material Certifications

As we work with high-quality materials, we certify the end product, offering you traceable information regarding the characteristics of that material that will be used to create your particular item.

Dimensional Report

Our company provides all details about every dimension of the particular parts we designed to ensure the part's design & measurements. With the dimensional report, you will be sure which part fits where so as you install it.

Final Thoughts 

CNC machining is indeed used in many manufacturing spheres, from creating mass-produced items & manufacturing parts such as car parts to constructing probes and kitchenware, which is inserted into the far reaches of the required solar system. CNC machining also fills a particular niche to create, repair parts, or reproduce, plus these functions offer an invaluable role in today's modern industry. 

CNC machining is indeed used in many manufacturing spheres, from creating mass-produced items & manufacturing parts such as car parts to constructing probes and kitchenware, which is inserted into the far reaches of the required solar system. CNC machining also fills a particular niche to create, repair parts, or reproduce, plus these functions offer an invaluable role in today's modern industry. 


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