Swiss CNC Machining: Everything you should know

cnc machining

cnc machining

We all have heard about the type of CNC machines in the modern industry. These days industries use high-quality machining tools. The new machining process is an advanced technique to manufacture complex parts accurately.

This type of CNC machine is capable of producing high-quality precision parts. Advanced industries use CNC Swiss machining to produce complex parts with tight tolerances.

From medical equipment to manufacturing precise aerospace components, CNC swiss machines have transformed the manufacturing industry. The new CNC machinery is computer-controlled, so the accuracy level of the turned parts is notable.

This article will discuss the capabilities, benefits, and features of Swiss CNC machining. So, if you are thinking of setting up a machining-related business, then this article is everything you should know.

What is Swiss CNC Machining?

CNC Swiss machines are also known as CNC swiss lathe in some regions. The advanced machining process produces complex components with precision. This type of CNC machinery performs multiple operations at once. In contrast, typical CNC lathes could not execute multiple operations in a single zone.

How does Swiss precision machining work?

This type of machine use guide bushing to provide bar stock. Guide bushing parts held the materials with tight tolerances in the tooling range. After that, the machinery lathe allows only one part of bar stock to be machined in the production area. It concludes that the CNC swiss machine produces high precision materials.

CNC Swiss machining does not work as the typical CNC lathes in the machining industry. It allows the machined material to turn and move back and forth. On the other hand, the operating material only rotates in an ordinary CNC lathe.

Why is this machine called a Swiss-type machine?

Switzerland first introduced this specific type of CNC precision machining. These machines were established primarily for producing parts of the watch industry. Screw lathe and swiss turning machines are the primary examples of CNC swiss machines used in the machining industry.

What is a Swiss machinist?

A swiss machinist is a qualified engineer capable of Swiss operating machinery.

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What is the history of CNC Swiss Machining?

The Swiss machining process was first introduced place in Switzerland in 1870. Earlier, engineers developed CNC swiss machines mainly for manufacturing parts of the watch industry. In the beginning, only three manufacturer buildings produced this type of machinery. Tornos, Petermann, and Bechler were the only machining manufacturer to produce swiss type CNC machines during WWII. Later on, developers exported the swiss machining systems globally. The US used this machinery for the production of precision parts

Since only Tornos, Bechler, Petermann's machine shop produced a Swiss-type machining system. However, the requirement for swiss machining increased in the US and Europe. Therefore, the US government provided equipment to copy swiss machines in US factories.

City Electric Company, George Gorton Machine Co., and Gibbs were the manufacturing companies that accelerated the production of swiss machines. Swiss screw machines had a wide range of capabilities, including precise control and accuracy.

Nowadays, Swiss automatic lathes are used in the medical, technical, and aerospace industries

What are the benefits of Swiss machining?

Although, Swiss machining has multiple benefits and advanced features to produce high-quality complex parts. Here we will discuss some most important features of CNC swiss machining:

High precision level:

The complex and small parts of the machines demand a high precision level. CNC Swiss machines provide a precise outcome as the computer control these machines. Swiss lathes produce only one section of bar stock at a time to ensure the quality of components. There is hardly a chance of error in CNC swiss machines.

Incredible tight tolerances:

While cutting or designing small parts, the swiss type machines maintain tight tolerances to exclude the chances of errors. Unlike typical CNC machines, swiss lathes use tools and equipment to hold machined parts close to the tooling area. The manufacturing area permits the machined parts to move back and forth

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Production time:

The Swiss screw machine requires fewer lead times for mass production than ordinary CNC machines. Advance industries use CNC swiss equipment instead of other machines for timely production. For example, swiss machinery can manufacture 30 parts per hour, whereas ordinary machines produce only a single part hourly

Great adaptability

Swiss-style machines do not restrict the components and tools to a single instrument. Swiss machines carry multiple functions flexibly at one time. Here are some important swiss style machines:

  • Turning tool (used to produce turned parts)
  • Drill tool
  • Tapping tool
  • Lathes

What industries use Swiss machining?

Almost all industries demand accurate and precise machinery with maximum capabilities because the requirement has increased rapidly.

Medical Industry:

The medical industry is the other name of precision and accuracy. Worthy Hardware has a professional manufacturer team to meet the requirements of the medical industry. The medical field widely uses swiss machinery to establish high-quality medical equipment. The few significant examples are as follows

  • Implants
  • Orthopedic bone screws
  • Surgical instruments

Aerospace Industry:

The aerospace industry deals with metal and steel materials. Therefore, it uses Swiss lathes to design and cut steel material concisely. For example, 3 and 5 axis Swiss machinery cut the complex aerospace steel components accurately from various angles.

Defense Industry:

Swiss machinery has wide application in the defense industry. It provides less expensive and high-quality defense-related tools. These machines produce high tolerance and high precision military components. It includes;

  • Military Rifles
  • High tolerance firing pins
  • Cover Pins

Surprising fact:

The defense industry also used Swiss machinery services during World War II.


Swiss CNC lathe and screw machinery are the best options if you are looking for quality and cost-effective machining products. Swiss-type CNC machines have all the capabilities to enhance your machining work. Manufacturers are using CNC swiss machining to upgrade the quality and production time

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