Oak: Know its Properties and Applications in CNC Wood Cutting Service.


Do you want to know why oak is gaining popularity in various industries? To get an answer, let’s find out oak properties and features. Oak is extremely sturdy, durable, and long-lasting wood. Its light color with some notable grain looks it more attractive. It also has a competing property to prevent fungal attacks, mostly used for building furniture and other materials.

Oak Properties

1-Place of Origin

Oak has naturally long-living properties making it one of the desirable timbers. It grows hereditary in Northern Hemisphere, and some species can be found in Europe, Asia, and North Africa. Especial North America constitutes a large amount of oak wood. Oak forest also has a little part in India at Pirpanjal

2-Timber Properties

Oak’s appearance makes it suitable for building materials. Oak wood has an attractive golden color which turns into a silvery tone when it dries.
It contains some oil on the surface of the wood, which helps to shine it perfectly and make it delightful. Oak creates some awesome features on the surface without the help of any adornment, as its dark and light shades make it attractive.
It also has a naturally smooth surface and is water-proof because its wood has no holes. That’s why it is perfect for impenetrable mold. You can use it in the kitchen because it has long-lasting properties. It doesn’t expire.

3- Texture Properties

Oak trees have clear, light color wood with a well-known grain style or a rutted texture. However, it represents a unique and attractive look and consists of some features of grains. Mostly, it is used in making furniture and also using it in house construction.
There are different kinds of oak wood, but white oak wood is more popular because it has a water-proof resistance. Mostly, it has a light brown color of wood, but some oak trees have reddish wood colors and grain styles on the surface, which make them prominent.

How Does CNC Wood Cut Oak?

Oak is hard and heavy wood; it is much more difficult to cut the oak manually. Therefore, CNC cutting makes useful products from oak, such as:

  • Shipbuilding
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Other useful products

The CNC cutting machine with a carbide-tipped cutter is commonly recommended if you want to cut oak. This cutting is due to the reason that oak can make the other cutters dull and can reduce their performance. Moreover, it would be helpful if you also made shallow passes while cutting oak. During cutting, you must make a splinter-free cut by using a backing board for cross-grain.

  • Larch
  • Cypress
  • Redwood
  • Juniper
  • Douglas fir
  • Cedar

Cons of Using Oak in CNC Wood Cutting Service

There are many advantages of oak wood in CNC wood cutting services. A few of them are below:

  1. Flexibility
    Oak wood has the best flexibility, a very important feature in making anything from wood. Due to this property, carpenters can easily fold and bend it, making the shape of furniture or anything else.
  2. Cheap
    Everybody can easily afford it because it is less expensive than other woods.
  3. Smooth Touch
    It has a smooth surface for touch compared to other options like a blackboard.
  4. Oak Uniformity
    Oak’s large size and uniformity make it a good choice for a consistent finish, especially for bulk production. It doesn’t require any staining or post-production treatment.

Applications of Oak in CNC Wood Cutting Service

Oak wood has many applications. Some of them are listed below:

  • You can use it for mounting of house.
  • Oak can use for the smooth floor style.
  • It is good for making decoration pieces.
  • It uses in the building of windows, doors, or walls ornament.
  • White oak wood is used in boat building.
  • Oak can use to make backyard chairs, tables, or furniture.
  • White oak wood is mostly used in construction materials because it has a strong tendency and flexibility.

How to Choose the Oak Material?

Choosing a suitable oak material is an essential thing for CNC cutting. Two different species of oak are known as white and red oak, having light and dark colors.
Both are versatile, durable, wear and tear-resistant, and considered perfect for CNC cutting.
White oak is considered more durable than red oak; therefore, it is selected when making outdoor items.
On the other hand, red oak, being less durable than white oak, is not considered good for making outdoor items through CNC cutting. It is commonly chosen for making indoor furniture, flooring, and cabinets.


Oak shows high resistance to fungi and insects because it contains a large amount of tannin. Oak is naturally water resistant and long-lasting wood, making it more suitable for many CNC wood cutting services. It is less prone to shrinking, warping, rotting, and decay, so more used for CNC machining applications.
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