What Materials Work Best For Wood CNC Service?

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Have you been struggling to shop for the best CNC machining services for your production work? Are you facing hitches in picking the best services to use in custom CNC cutting with precision? How much does it cost in your nearby shop? Are you eager to contact professionals you can trust? How do you want to apply your custom design? Where will you use the product made? All these define the accessories you will choose. After you have decided to use CNC machining to make your product, you now have to select the material to use. You can either use metals, plastics, wood, or even plywood. 

What is CNC Wood Service?

These CNC cutting services are professional handling of wood and plywood fabrication projects. The cutting entails using a custom CNC cutting router to work on projects. The projects can be for interior designers, manufacturing companies, and other professionals. CNC services will finish your project smoothly and quickly, providing superior flexibility, incredible cut designs, and well-finished products.

The CNC cutting allows us to scale, cut, trim, and shape the material into different custom products and designs. The cost will depend on the design you want and the material you need. The volume of your purchase will also determine the cost.

A CNC (computer numerical control) wood router is a machine that creates objects from different materials with precision. The state-of-the-art router is essential for engineering prototyping with precision. The router is also necessary for art, production work, product development. CNC machinery routers are common in many prototyping companies. 

Materials For CNC Wood Service!

Choosing the materials to work on using a CNC cutting router needs consideration of many factors. A custom CNC router affects different materials in unique ways.

Custom CNC machining can use many materials to give you plenty of options. You will make anything you wish with your machine. The material options are endless, from copper to aluminum and wood to plastics. Depending on what they are designing, other people go to the extent of using wax and steel to design their custom products for shops. The advantage of these CNC cutting machines is that they work on many materials with precision including plywood. They give many options to create a unique customized product for your project.

Types Of Wood To Use In CNC Service!

Each form has its unique signs, strengths, weaknesses, and properties. The custom type you use will affect your equipment choice and the cut speed. There are diverse types of signage, cabinetry, furniture, among others.


Hardwood is harder, more durable, and darker than softwood. It helps make complex custom products and create small cuttings. You need to check your machine bit RPM before you cut. If the RPM is high, it can cause a fire. Though expensive, its long-lasting nature fits well for high-quality furniture, decks, cabinet, and flooring. 

Ash – it's heavy with a light color and many rings in the grains

Beech – it's strong, stiff and resistant to chock. The tiny pores are signs it's hard to shard.

Birch – it's stiff with a wavy grain and light color.

Elm – it's light brown and tough with a reasonably reduced decay resistance. 

Maple – it's among the hardest trees. It restricts electric shock and has grain and pores. 

Walnut is a durable brown and strong with straight grains in the trunk. 

Oak – tough, rarely breaks, and heavy. It has ring rain prominent, thus ideal for beautiful visual applications for your business.


They come from light-colored trees that don't shade in the winter. It's easy to cut any custom softwood, but if your machine bit is of poor quality or dull, it can easily split.

Cedar – reddish-brown with many knots.

Cypress has a good decay resistance though it has many knots and is not strong.

Pine – light pale color and lightweight though resistant to shrinking.

Fir- has even rational pattern signs

Spruce – it’s the hardest in this category though not resistant to decay.

Redwood – has a red shape and is sunlight resistant to decay.  

Other Wood Options!

MDF Medium-density fiberwood – a mixture of hardwood, softwood, wax, and resin binders. The mixture aims to scale up the quality.

Plywood is the custom production of layering and coating of the material sheets using glue. 


Custom CNC services use all types of wood and cuttings. The services even include the most complex architectural shapes.

All this is still possible even if you use plywood. You will get the cutting services with speed and precision at an affordable cost. Visit any CNC routing shop nearby to buy a well-designed cabinet made with these CNC cutting tools.


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