Why is precision machining service important for your business?

In the modern era, precision machining service plays a vital role as manufacturing industries are creating more and more complex parts. To achieve industry-leading accuracy, the main types of precision machining centers include:

  • Precision CNC milling machine
  • Precision CNC turning machine
  • Precision EDM machine
  • Precision Grinding machine

Importance of precision machining service

In the industrial sector, many parts and designs are critical which require quality manufacturing technology in line with ISO 9001-2015 principles. Precision machining service makes quality products and saves time compared to other traditional machining services.

It offers computer controlled design philosophy that creates unique parts through functional technology and automation.

Precision machining service offers:

  • Manufacturability of complex geometries
  • Possibility for a variety of material executions
  • Manufacturing of machined parts with closer tolerances
  • Different tool options for efficient working

Two key aspects of a commercially viable machining service include consistency and efficiency. The aforementioned offers:

  • Stability
  • Durability
  • Repeatability
  • Low wastage of material
  • And last but not the least, worker safety!

Types of precision machining service

Precision machining service is divided into two main categories which are as follows:

  • Additive manufacturing
  • Subtractive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing (AM):

It is a major technological advancement in the industrial sector. Additive manufacturing (AM) can bring digital flexibility to manufacturing operations.

It uses the technique of adding layer upon layer until the product is completed. Industrial production names for 3D printing or additive manufacturing are:

  • Freeform manufacturing
  • Additive processes
  • Additive technique
  • Additive layer manufacturing

Some of the additive manufacturing processes are listed below:

  • Material extrusion
  • Binder jetting
  • Directed energy deposition
  • Powder bed fusion
  • Vat polymerization
  • Wire arc additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing offers numerous benefits to the manufacturer as well as to the customers. Some of the advantages of AM are:

  • Energy saving
  • Positive environmental benefits
  • Ease in reverse engineering to manufacture legacy parts
  • Part flexibility
  • Improve part reliability
  • Save material wastage
  • Production of small parts is less expensive and faster than traditional manufacturing techniques
  • Design freedom and fast prototyping
  • Drastic reduction in production time

Subtractive manufacturing:

Subtractive manufacturing is the process of removing unnecessary material from raw parts to create desired geometry. Processes to be followed in subtractive manufacturing are listed below:

  • Multi-axis CNC machining
  • Abrading
  • Electrical discharge machining
  • Water jetting
  • Laser cutting

Subtractive manufacturing methods are widely used by the industrial sector. Some of the advantages are as follows:

  • Subtractive process is versatile due to the possibility of using different materials i.e. metal, plastics, glass, and ceramics.
  • Make parts with high precision
  • Must consider parallelism and perpendicularity in CNC machining
  • Faster with the use of computer numerical control (CNC) technique
  • Cost-effective in mass production
  • Familiar with designers
  • High-quality finished products

Industrial applications of subtractive manufacturing include:

  • Aerospace industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Medical equipment and prosthetics
  • Electronics
  • Consumer products

Next, let’s take a look at some benefits of using precision machining services.

Benefits of precision machining service

Precision machining service offers several benefits which are listed below:

  • High level of accuracy:
    Thanks to advanced technology, precision machining provides a high level of accuracy in manufacturing different geometries. Even in complex designs, a high level of accuracy is maintained by the use of different tools, cutters, and machining techniques.
  • Consistent quality:
    Precision machining service provides consistent quality irrespective of volume and repetitiveness. The same quality is achieved in mass or batch production within a specified time. Consistently producing quality products leads to customer confidence and improves the business reputation.
  • Low error rate:
    Errors are minimized with the use of a computer numerical control (CNC) automated system. Errors are eliminated due to limited human intervention and improved efficiency as well.
  • Cost-effective:
    Precision machining service offers automation, accuracy, and efficiency resulting in reduced manufacturing costs, labor costs, and lead time. Faster production cycles and easier prototype testing provide an opportunity to explore smaller markets with the potential for high returns.

In the context of the above-mentioned benefits, precision machining services improve the company’s roots in a highly competitive market.

Benefits of precision machining service

For a better understanding of precision machining service applications, let’s take a look at some industries that use this technology:

  • Weapon development:
    In weapon development, the requirements include machining of complex trajectories, unique metal finishes and precise grinding. Precision machining service offers versatility and compatibility with various material executions to provide the defense industry with the ability to achieve industry-leading metal components for weapons.
  • Aircraft parts:
    The wide use of aluminum in the aircraft industry leads to the mass usage of precision machining. Moreover, the use of carbon fiber, high-speed steel and titanium in state of the art fighter jets gives the edge to precision machining.
  • Radomes and radar technology:
    Precision machining offers a tolerance of up to 4μm, which is highly recommended for sensitive parts related to the manufacturing of radar technology.
  • Combat vehicles:
    The sturdiness and durability of combat vehicles require parts with high fatigue strength. Therefore, pivotal parts like bearings, valve seats, and bushings in these vehicles are fabricated using precision machining service.


To conclude, precision machining services have a significant role in our daily lives. As the world is progressing quickly in technology, the knowledge of fast and precision machining services is essential to save time, investment and for choosing the right precision machining company for your project. And we hope this article has provided valuable insight for you as our reader and prospective customer to serve you better.

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