The Ultimate Guide for Brass CNC Turned Parts.

Brass is a popular metal composed mainly of zinc and copper components. Brass can use in CNC machining at an industrial scale, such as CNC turning, CNC milling, etc. A copper and zinc alloy is known for its typical dark gold coloring and can use for many practical and aesthetic purposes. The brass can use in the manufacturing of precision brass CNC machining because of the following features:

  • It is highly flexible and has high corrosion resistance.
  • We can easily shape, or machine complex brass machined parts.
  • Brass has greater rust strength and high tensile strength.
  • The CNC machining parts can use for various industrial sectors.
  • It has high abrasion resistance, and we get high-quality brass CNC-turned components.

In this article, we will discuss Brass CNC turned parts and their advantages.

What is Brass CNC turned Parts?

Brass CNC-turned parts can produce as a result of CNC-turning. As it is a computer-controlled process, it assures complete accuracy. During the brass turning process, the brass moves in a circular motion, and the cutting tool cuts down the brass in a desirable shape. In turning operations, the most commonly used machine is the Lathe machine. In the brass turning, different shapes of single-point cutting tools mainly utilize.

During the custom machining process, the custom parts are manufactured by chipping off the layers of the workpiece. As a result, the manufactured CNC machined component is utilized for various industrial applications.

The Benefits of Brass CNC-Turned Components

The brass precision turned components are very useful worldwide. Some of their benefits are as below:

Resistance of brass against corrosion:

The brass is highly resistant to corrosion and cannot easily damage due to corrosion and rust. Brass has a small amount of iron which gives it resistance against rust.

Handling of high temperature:

One advantage of brass-turned parts is that they can bear a high temperature without affecting their performance. Working at a very high temperature increases its efficiency without affecting it. Due to this ability, they can use it at the industrial level for manufacturing products.

Can easily machine:

Brass is easy to machine and can easily turn into different shapes. They are easy to maintain. They can easily shape because they are highly flexible. They are easy to maintain and handle.

Posses high conductivity:

Brass-turned parts are high conductors. They allow the passage of electricity and heat.

Surface finish

The surface finish of CNC brass-turned parts is easy to apply. We can apply a dry coat on the surface ,such as PVD coating,Nickel plating.

Machining Tips

Here are some CNC brass, precision, and machined parts machining tips.

  • Carefully adjust the temperature of the tooling while manufacturing machined components.
  • Select an appropriate tool path to get the highest quality Brass CNC-turned components.
  • While fabrication, we have to select a high-performing machine.
  • Use a sharp tool having a perfect edge for CNC brass parts.
  • Choose the correct feeds, speed, and tools according to the softness of the brass.


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