CNC Machining Services – What They Are, How They Work, And More.

Looking for a dependable CNC machining service with rapid turnaround for machined plastic and metal components? We guarantee that your components are created and transported on time with state-of-the-art CNC equipment and unrivaled in-house or live tooling capabilities.

Our AS9100 material certifications CNC machining facilities at Worthy hardware are intended to provide high-end custom CNC machining services.

What Is CNC Machining Service?

CNC stands to represent computer numerical control. CNC machining services provide custom-made and finely created CNC machined parts manufactured using various CNC-enabled production machining equipment. This CNC manufacturing technology (subtractive manufacturing method) allows for the creation of finely measured custom CNC machined parts from a solid block of machining CNC material, resulting in very robust CNC machined parts.

CNC also minimizes the amount of manual machining work that would otherwise be performed by people. While they do not manufacture each item, humans are required to program and operate the machines, ensuring that every manufacturing process runs perfectly well. The appropriate cuts in the metal parts are programmed according to corresponding tools and machines, which accomplish the machining work in an automated method.

We provide precision CNC machining services of any complexity for both small and big batches of products. Our online CNC machining Services Instant Quoting Engine will provide you with instant CNC machining quotes within seconds. Then we produce your metal or plastic components and deliver them to you in as little as 10 days. We verify and guarantee the components’ quality.

Why Choose CNC Machining Services?

There are several reasons you can choose CNC machining is an excellent option for your bespoke metal product. You will receive:

Quick Delivery

For prototypes, manufacturing will take 3 working days; for mass production, production will take 10-15 days. Furthermore, if you need the components quickly, we can produce them.

A large manufacturing capacity

We can handle the tasks of CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication, and precision stamping components.

Quality Control

To complete each project, we rigorously adhere to ISO9001:2015 quality requirements. Hence, our production lines use cutting-edge technologies to ensure manufacturing precision and accuracy.

Network Manufacturing Partners Who Are Qualified

We have reliable and strong relationships with our suppliers of raw materials, surface finish for corrosion resistance or eliminate surface roughness, standard painting methods, tools, and clampings for CNC machines. Finish include zinc plating, anodizing, powder coating, electroless nickel plating, chromate conversion coating

Quick turnaround

We can quickly develop your prototype machining and production machine tools since we have unlimited capacity, competent engineers, and flexible manufacturing parts and systems.

Reliable employees

Many of our staff administrative and engineers have grown up with Worthy Hardware and consider it their second home, which helps to ensure delivery and quality.

How Does CNC Machining Work?

The majority of CNC machines (computer numerical control) run software programs. They make use of CAM (Computer Aided Machining). CAM is a piece of software that generates Numerical Control (NC) instructions and tool trajectories. These routes are created using 3D computer models. It should be noted that the CAM does not operate the CNC machine.

Nonetheless, the CAM defines the route that the machines may take. CAM programming necessitates knowledge and abilities for machine operation. Inexperienced people may control CNC machines using basic programming. However, it is critical to comprehend the NC codes.

CNC cutting machines, for example, may be operated in a straightforward manner. In this scenario, the NC code must be basic in order for the machine to execute the instructions. The ISO Code, sometimes known as the G-Code, is the most commonly used NC language.

The G-Code may be altered to operate on various machines. Worthyhardware, for example, provides advice on codes that are appropriate for their CNC machining equipment.

CNC Machining Processes

1. CNC Milling

One of the CNC machining services we provide is milling. This involves a process in which a revolving cutting tool comes into contact with the workpiece; it removes chips from the bulk material. To remove layers from solid block of materials, it also employs a mix of computerized controls and machine tools.

CNC milling is a manufacturing method that selectively removes material from a block of the raw substrate using a cutting tool placed on a revolving spindle. The workpiece is permanently attached to a table, which moves or rotates on multiple planes, allowing the tool to operate at various angles.

To manufacture more complicated forms or avoid sending the workpiece to a different machine, sophisticated CNC mills may feature 5 or more axes of independent motion.

Milling processes may be classified as follows:

(a)Surface Milling

Surface milling, often known as plain milling, refers to machining when the cutting surface is parallel in a way that is perpendicular to the horizontal plane. At the moment, the great majority of milling CNC machined parts are surface milling CNC parts. They can only be processed using a two-coordinate linkage on a three-axis CNC milling machine.

(b)Angle Milling

Angle milling refers to the method of continually changing the processing surface and horizontal plane. Because the angle milling surface cannot be expanded into a flat surface, it is ideal for processing with 3 axis, 4 axis, or 5 axis CNC milling machine.

(c)Form Milling

Form milling, also known as curved surface milling, refers to machining on an uneven surface, such as a curved surface. The machined surface cannot be stretched into a plane, and the machined surface and milling cutter are constantly in point contact. A 3-axis CNC milling machine is often used for such items. Precision components with excellent surface quality are attainable with our CNC milling service.

2. CNC Turning or Lathing

CNC turning is a kind of precision machining in which a cutter removes material by contacting a rotating workpiece. Computer instructions fed into the program control the movement of the machines, providing great accuracy and repeatability.

Also, turning differs from CNC milling in that the cutting tool rotates and is aimed towards the workpiece, which is normally fixed, from several angles. Because CNC turning requires rotating the workpiece in a chuck, it is often used to manufacture round or tubular forms, resulting in significantly more precise rounded surfaces in comparison to CNC milling or other procedures.

 A turret holds the tooling that is used with a CNC lathe machine. This component is set up to do certain motions and remove material from raw materials until the required 3D model is generated.

CNC turning, like CNC milling, may be utilized to quickly produce prototypes or end-use components.

(a)Metal CNC turning

Aluminum machining is a popular service offered by Worthy hardware, but CNC machining lathe may also be employed to process metal parts such as steel, magnesium, stainless steel, copper, brass, titanium, bronze, nickel alloy, and more.

CNC turning is extensively used for aspect and mechanical components, which are frequently constructed of aluminum, which is the most machinable metal. Soft metals like aluminum components may be manufactured with great strength, precision, and better surface polish for a corrosion-resistant layer or wear resistance.

(b)Plastics CNC turning

While precision machining is most often associated with metals, Worthy hardware can also offer CNC lathe services for plastic items. These excellent electrical insulator plastic materials include polycarbonate, Nylon, POM, ABS, PP, PTFE, PMMA, PEI, epoxy grade industrail laminate,and PEEK. These materials are available for CNC lathes, which produce more precise production parts than 3D printing.

3. CNC Drilling

CNC drilling is a machining technique that uses rotating cutting tools to create round holes in a stationary workpiece. Drilling is done for aesthetic reasons or to accommodate more screws and bolts.

Computer-based drilling is very beneficial for component mass manufacturing. Drilling duties may be carried out by modern and adaptable CNC centers that include various activities.

How Does CNC Drilling Work?

The working procedure of a CNC drill may be stated as follows. An operator uses the control panel to operate spindles that secure chucks, drill bits, and other moveable elements of a machine. Following the CAD/CAM file, a drill adjusts its speed, feed rate, and spindle position while cutting holes of suitable depths and sizes.

After the machining is completed, the pieces are verified for conformance, and, if required, changes are made. Manual tool changes in spindles are sometimes necessary if the pre-installed drill bits in a tool changer are insufficient for all the holes required in the design.

Worthy hardware offers the finest CNC drilling services for manufacturing low-volume production runs and big series of components with varying degrees of complexity. We employ a variety of CNC drilling equipment, such as upright, bench, and radial, to drill holes with basic and complicated designs up to 7 cm in diameter.

Metals and their alloys (aluminum, stainless steel, copper, and others) and polymers are used to make CNC drilling components.

Our drilling services enable us to finish your machining task in-house to our strict quality standards. Our modern CNC drilling equipment is linked with our machining centers, allowing us to drill your item swiftly and accurately, whether you need basic or complicated drilling patterns. Our drilling services provide precise machining for complicated forms to fulfill all of your needs.

4. CNC Multi-Spindle Machining

During the machining process, several spindles are used instead of a single spindle to conduct various tooling operations on a single workpiece at the same time. Multi-spindle machines are appropriate for large-volume, low-complexity primary processes because they provide high precision while lowering development cycles.

Worthy hardware works with OEMs in a variety of sectors that need high specs. We employ cutting-edge technology as the leading precision manufacturing industry or partner to address our customers’ difficulties with offers of competitive prices.

Several spindles with various tool heads are attached to a rotating drum in multi-spindle machining. As the drum spins, it performs numerous processes at once to complete the component in a single pass. Because a great number of simultaneous tool operations are done to the turning bar stock, multi-spindle screw machines offer shorter cycle times and greater accuracy.

Our multi-spindle machines can produce a wide variety of items in large quantities. The following are some of the most popular uses for multi-spindle machining:

  • Bushings
  • Spacers
  • Bearings
  • Fasteners
  • Fittings
  • Inserts
  • Panel Screws

What Are Some Common Applications For CNC Machining?

Rapid-Prototyping Design

CNC machining is commonly utilized by designers to quickly build early and late-stage prototypes. CNC machining rapid prototyping eliminates tooling costs and waits times for designers. It’s one of the finest approaches to constructing a concept model and function prototype. Rapid CNC machining produces tight-tolerance prototypes in actual materials faster than other technologies.

CNC rapid Prototyping is recommended above other quick prototyping processes unless the object is intended for 3D printing or another way.

Mold Making

CNC machining and electrical discharge machining (EDM) are used to make metal tools for injection molding, die casting, roller molding, blow molding, stamping, blending, etc.

High-speed CNC machines enable us to quickly create copper designs, mold holes, mold bases, lifters, and other components. 5-axis CNC mills can mill deep pocket features in hours when EDM takes days. This speeds up mold making. 


Aerospace production has used Computer Numerical Control machining for years. CNC machines’ great accuracy makes the procedure acceptable for aviation safety-critical components. Prototype engine parts, fuel panels, landing gear components, and engine mounts are machinable.


CNC machining is used to design concept automobiles and test components, including the engine, gearbox, and steering system. It’s also used to post-machine die-cast and investment-cast automobile components. It’s ideal for unique car components needed for maintenance or limited-edition luxury autos, as molding a few pieces is too expensive.


CNC machining is utilized to construct implants, medical devices, and surgical instruments like scalpels since several grades of titanium and stainless steel are machinable. Titanium hip implants must match a patient’s anatomy and need tight tolerances and short turnarounds.

Consumer Products

Many off-the-shelf items are made utilizing CNC machining instead of injection molding. Appliances and household products commonly have machined components, as do enclosures and fittings.

CNC-machined goods include sports equipment. Electronics rely heavily on CNC-machined metal and plastic custom cnc parts. Also, CNC machines consistently make laptop shells, connections, and sockets.

How to Choose A Machine Shop That Can Help You

Quality Control

Machined components or products demand high precision and high-quality materials. You should be certain that the CNC machining shop you choose is committed to quality control. The finest CNC machining shops use extensive quality control measures to ensure that their products are always correct and of high quality. Ask us about our quality control procedures!

At Worthy hardware, we take full responsibility for ensuring that your machined components are manufactured in accordance with our specifications. Worthy hardware is a high-quality CNC machining supplier. We have an impressive quality management system, and our facility is ISO 9001:2015 quality certified.

Tell us about your project now, and our highly skilled engineers and CNC machining quality control specialists will guarantee that you obtain high-quality machined components.

Size and Capabilities

Although the size of a machine shop isn’t always significant, if you have a bigger or longer-term project, you’ll want to verify that the CNC machining shop you work with can complete all the jobs on time.

When reviewing a CNC machining shop, it is essential to ask whether they can handle your job; an affirmative ‘yes’ may assure you that they are confident in their ability to execute your project quickly.

To suit your production demands, we provide vast manufacturing capabilities, which is one of CNC machining advantages. For CNC machining, injection molding, 3D printing, and other services, to bring your products or prototypes to reality.

We run almost every CNC mill and turning center and take pride in our ability to produce whatever you want, from basic, ‘as-machined’ work holdings to intricate, organic designs with tight tolerances. We can also create components using EDM and grinders on request. 

Client Support and Communication

When it comes to picking a CNC machining shop, a CNC machining shop that has plenty of communication throughout projects and provides excellent client service is a requirement. You want to engage with a company that will make sure you are happy with their goods and services and is willing to be your partner throughout the period of your project.

Worthy hardware takes pride in its excellent communication and client support standards, which ensure customer satisfaction on every project! Even after your transaction has been completed, we give great service, giving you the confidence to sell your items to your market. Troubleshooting and optimum product usage are assisted by skilled technicians with over a decade of industry experience and substantial product knowledge.

Customer reviews

A CNC machining shop with a solid working connection with its clients will always be able to get some favorable feedback. Customer reviews are an excellent approach to assess a CNC machining shop since you can frequently tell whether the CNC machining shop will be able to manage your project, how the customers enjoyed working with the CNC machining shop, and how much importance the CNC machining shop focuses on customer happiness. We have many reviews on our website; you may phone us to discover more or visit our cnc machining FAQs page

Worthy hardware is powerful enough to cut through all of the stuff and attain your goal right away. We use cutting-edge multiple-axis CNC machines and provide a wide range of materials and surface treatments, ensuring rapid turnaround and high-quality one-off prototypes and production components.


When it comes to CNC machining services, you want to be certain that you have the correct CNC machining provider in your network. Whether you require custom machined parts with complex geometries or end-use goods in the shortest amount of time, Worthy Hardware is the ideal solution. Our employees are highly competent and trained, and as a result, we work with a broad range of materials and equipment to complete the project appropriately.

Our range of expertise, knowledge, and technology also assures that we can execute any of your machining jobs, regardless of their complexity. Worthy Hardware is the best option for a machine shop, whether you’re searching for a long-term machining partner or someone to accomplish a particular job! Send us your CNC machining quote including your part geometry and more now. Visit our cnc machining faq section for more information.

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