How To Handle The Metal Surface To Prevent Rust?

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Metal exposure in the air is easy to oxidize rust, corrosion and so on, so do a good job of metal surface treatment, to prevent rust is a big problem

I.          Anodic oxidation

As a light metal, aluminum and its alloy parts have become more and more common in industrial design. Oxidation coloring of aluminum alloy is a surface treatment process, its main function is to enhance the corrosion resistance of the product surface, such as black, blue. Can make the product has decorative effect.

The anodic oxidation of aluminum and aluminum alloy is a process in which aluminum or aluminum alloy products are placed in electrolyte solution for electrification, and aluminum oxide films are formed on their surfaces by electrolysis. After anodizing, several microns -- several hundred microns -- of oxide can be formed on the surface of aluminum. Compared with the natural oxidation film of aluminum alloy, its corrosion resistance, wear resistance and decorative properties are obviously improved.

The oxidation coloring effect is related to the material composition and process parameters of aluminum alloy.

Aluminum alloy surface oxidation coloring is usually followed by processing technology, so that the whole CNC parts more beautiful. The other thing is that coloring is not a post-oxidation process, it's done at the same time as oxidation.

The following oxidation coloring treatment methods are commonly used:

(1)   coloring anodized film aluminum anodized film is colored by adsorption of dyes.

(2)   spontaneous color anodic oxidation film this anodic oxidation film is a kind of colored anodic oxidation film spontaneously generated by the alloy itself under the action of electrolysis of a certain aluminum material in a suitable electrolyte (usually based on organic acid).

(3)   electrolytic coloring of the anodic oxide film, which is colored by metal or metal oxide electrodeposition through the gap of the oxide film.


II.          Electrophoresis

It is used in stainless steel, aluminum alloy and other CNC machining parts, can make the product appear a variety of colors, and maintain the metal luster, and enhance the surface performance, has a better anti-corrosion performance.It is in the Yin and Yang of electrophoretic coating, under the action of voltage, the charged coating ion moves to the cathode, and the alkaline effect on the surface of the cathode forms an insoluble substance, deposited on the surface of the workpiece, using charged particles in the electric field to move at different speeds to achieve the separation of technology known as electrophoretic technology.

Electrophoretic paint film has the advantages of plump, even, flat and smooth coating. The hardness, adhesion, corrosion resistance, impact performance and permeability of electrophoretic paint film are obviously superior to other coating processes. Electrophoresis process is better than other coating process.


I.          Electroplating

It refers to a surface processing method in which a salt solution containing a metal to be plated is deposited on the surface of the metal by taking the plated base metal as the cathode and forming a coating by electrolysis.  The performance of the coating is different from that of the base metal. According to the function of the coating is divided into protective coating, decorative coating and other functional coating. It is to use electrolysis to make the metal surface attached to a layer of metal film process so as to prevent corrosion, improve wear resistance, electrical conductivity, reflective and enhance the role of a kind of technology.

II.          Spray plastic

The powder spraying equipment sprays the powder coating onto the surface of the workpiece. Under the action of static electricity, the powder will absorb evenly on the surface of the workpiece, forming a powdery coating. The powder coating is baked at high temperature and then smoothed and solidified to form the final coating. There are four main types of surface spray: Resin; Pigment; Solvent; Additive.

III.          Sand blasting

It is the use of compressed air power, in order to form a high-speed jet beam to spray material high-speed jet to the surface of the workpiece to be processed, so that the surface of the surface of the surface of the workpiece appearance or shape changes, due to the impact of abrasive on the surface of the workpiece and cutting effect, so that the surface of the workpiece to obtain a certain degree of cleanliness and different roughness.The mechanical properties of the surface of the workpiece are improved, so as to improve the fatigue resistance of the workpiece, increase the adhesion between it and the coating, extend the durability of the coating film, also conducive to the flow and decoration of the coating.

It has the most thorough, the most general, the most rapid, the most efficient cleaning method, can be applied in different roughness of the hardware parts.

The above surface treatment technology is often used in CNC manufacturing companies in CNC machining services, not only to ensure the durable quality of parts, but also can play a role in aesthetics.


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