How to ensure the stability of CNC aluminum machining?

cnc machining service

cnc machining service

During high-speed cutting, due to large machining allowance and intermittent cutting, vibration often occurs during milling, which affects machining accuracy and surface roughness. Therefore, CNC high-speed cutting processing can generally be divided into: rough machining-semi-finish machining-clear corner machining-finishing and other processes. For parts with high precision requirements, it is sometimes necessary to perform a second semi-finishing process and then precision machining.After rough machining, the parts can be cooled naturally to eliminate internal stress caused by rough machining and reduce deformation. The margin left after rough machining should be greater than the amount of deformation, generally 1 to 2 mm. During finishing, the finishing surface of the part should maintain a uniform machining allowance, generally 0.2-0.5mm is appropriate, so that the tool is in a stable state during the machining process, which can greatly reduce cutting deformation, obtain good surface machining quality, and ensure The accuracy of the cnc machining parts.


Strictly control tool wear standards. After the tool is worn, the surface roughness value of the workpiece increases, the cutting temperature rises, and the deformation of the workpiece increases. Therefore, in addition to the selection of tool materials with good wear resistance, the tool wear standard should not be greater than 0.2mm, otherwise it is easy to produce built-up edge. When cutting, the temperature of the workpiece should generally not exceed 100°C to prevent deformation.

The workpiece is cooled and deformed after machining .This is basically unavoidable. Try to pay attention to the use of coolant during processing, and pay attention to the deformation of the workpiece after cooling when performing on-site measurement.Minimize the machining error caused by iron filings on aluminum parts, because aluminum parts are very soft, and the removed iron filings can easily cause machining errors in aluminum parts.

Three elements of cutting: cutting speed vc, feed f, cutting depth ap and tool compensation


In simple terms, it is to adjust the parameters to give full play to the cutting performance of the tool under the premise of ensuring the processing quality and tool wear, so that the cutting efficiency is the highest and the processing cost is the lowest. In CNC lathes, there are also elements such as tool head wear compensation.

Mechanical aspects:

  1. Insufficient lubrication between screw and nut.

  2. There is looseness between the servo motor and the lead screw.

  3. The ball screw bearing or nut is worn.

 Electrical aspects:

  1. The servo amplifier is malfunctioning.

  2. The servo motor is faulty.

  3. There is dirt inside the grating ruler.



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