Custom Wood Products: What They Are, How To Choose Them, And Where To Find Them


Wood is a trendy material used for manufacturing various elegant products since ancient times. Wooden production delivers long-lasting durability and a chic appearance.

We can customize the wooden products per customer desire to fulfill their demands or grow a business by adding uniqueness. This article is all about covering the complete detail of custom wooden components.

What is a Custom Wood Product?

Custom wood products manufacture according to the customers’ specific requirements. Customizing wooden products can add more details and designs to your product through specific manufacturing production techniques and technological advancements.

In addition, we can also customize your wooden production with the desired color, size, shape, and other functionalities that cannot find in pre-made wooden products. These products match our customers’ demands but also aid in growing our business by engaging the customers, gaining the market research, enhancing competitiveness and sales edge, and building brand loyalty.

Types of Custom Wood Products Available Today

Wooden products are gaining prominence after the big dominance of metals and plastics. We can find more options and designs in wooden products so the natural beauty of wood enhances and can not hide in coloring or paint. So most custom wood products are found in natural color.

The main categories of these products that are available at present are summarized below.

1-Solid Wood Furniture:

The customizing of solid wood furniture is becoming trendy day by day, specifically for interior design. The pre-designed wooden articles may not match our customers’ required style, color, and size. The customizing of solid wooden furniture helps to vanish these problems because we can design a product that perfectly fits our space and gives an aesthetic appearance at an affordable cost. Following are some customized solid wood furniture.

  • Wooden bed & cabinet
  • Dining tables
  • Dining chairs
  • Custom case goods
  • Wood dressers

2-Cutting Boards

Cutting board customization offers various applications, such as we can use for decorating pieces and gifts or use these cutting boards for pasting old family memories. These customer cutting boards are best for the company logo and slogan.

3-Custom Wooden Boxes

Custom wooden boxes are used for wines, candies, gifts, and any purpose we want to use. We can get these boxes in containers or pallets at a reasonable price. Get a classy box presentation, finishing, and engravings by contacting Worthy Hardware, where you will find lots of wood variety for small batches or mass production.

4- Wooden Corbels and Brackets

These products are functional, trendy, beautiful, and available in different styles. Get elegant, simple lines and traditional carved detailing products. Brackets can fit by using a metal hanger. Corbels are used to support a shelf, molding, and ceiling. They have lovely features, so they have become important for the architectural industry.

5- Wooden Valances

These custom-made wooden valances give a new and tasteful way to woodwork cabinets. The main function of these valances is to cover up curtain rods or any hardware we want to conceal. Their beautiful designs and features can increase the aesthetic beauty and appearance of the area.

Choosing the Right Types of Custom Woods for Your Wooden Products

Hardwoods and softwoods are major wood categories prioritized for wooden manufacturing products. Hardwoods come from deciduous trees and are used to manufacture furniture with higher strength and durability.

On the other hand, softwood is derived from cone-bearing trees having less durability than hardwood. It is mainly used to make roof trusses and studs etc.

Here are the main hardwoods that are used for wooden manufacturing parts.

Cherry has a reddish-brown color and offers high versatility and strength. It possesses a slightly wavy grain and provides an excellent finish. It is an expensive hardwood but is considered perfect for customizing furniture and indoor construction.

Oak is a hardwood mainly utilized for building constructions such as cabinets, roofs, floorings, etc. . It has exceptional moisture and warping-resisting properties. Moreover, it possesses a visible wavy grain. The wavy grain is highlighted when the oak is given a clear finish, enhancing the manufactured product’s beauty.

Hickory is a heavy and flexible hardwood having wavy grain. It is ideal for the customized manufacturing of rustic furniture, axles, spokes, wagon wheel hubs, etc. The custom wood products manufactured from the hickory offer longer life spans because of their higher durability.

The main softwoods used to manufacture custom wood products are as follows.

Cedar is a hardwood that is well known for its repelling scent. It is lightweight, durable, easy to machine, and decay-resistant. It is used to manufacture closets, cabinets, posts, fencings, beams, doors, etc.

Pine is a less expensive softwood that shows variations in colors. Its color mainly ranges from pale to yellowish. It is a better choice for manufacturing door frames and window sills etc.

Finding Quality Custom Wood Products Online:

Finding and purchasing high-standard wooden products can be frustrating, but it is not tough as it seems. Here are some tips to help us find excellent wood products online without scams.

Check the Company’s Reputation:

We can find the quality of our desired product by checking the company’s reputation. For this purpose, we can check their business’s lifespan, services, and certifications. They must supply better quality products if you get a good response. We also check their previous records with their buyers to know how many first-rate products they provide.

Customer Reviews:

Checking the customers’ reviews is a quick way to find an authentic online website or company. More positive ratings and reviews mean a more authentic online company. So spending some time before purchasing anything proves beneficial for us.

Awards and Certifications:

Awards and certifications are commonly given to trustable brands by organizations. Having the approval stamp proves the authenticity of the online brand or company.

Buying Custom Wood Products from Local Builders:

We must remember the things below to purchase custom wood products from a local builder.

Research the Local Builders:

Make a list of local builders and meet with them. Discuss complete detail such as material, costs, types of products, etc., before making a deal.

Do Questioning:

Ask the following questions to confirm the quality of custom wood products from local builders.

  1. How much time is required to customize the product?
  2. What will be the cost of the custom wooden?
  3. Do they use durable wood?
  4. Who took charge of manufacturing the custom product?
  5. Can they provide an on-time delivery service?

Ask for References:

When outsourcing with a new client for our project, We must ask for references from local builders and check the reviews from past clients. A well-established local builder will effortlessly provide us with all available references.

Don’t spend your time and money searching and googling. Just call us or send us an email to get superior wood products. Choose what you like with a large variety of wood, and we customize with a low budget.

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