How Does CNC Machining Work?

cnc machining

As CNC Machining (Computer numerical control) is a renowned high-tech manufacturing process in the business, you should be surprised to hear that the history of the CNC Machining process started in the 1950s.

This was discovered that CNC machining helped in time reduction as it took a lead time of 8 hours that cut to 15 minutes in rapid Prototyping and production. That's why CNC machining has become a life-changing discovery!

Now more and more people involving in the CNC Machining business due to versatile CNC machining capabilities. You can even launch your CNC machining businesses with Worthy Hardware. 

Since then, CNC machining has been continuously evolving and has completely transformed the world of engineering.

Today, CNC machining is considered one of the most popular and well-known digital manufacturing methods in every technical industry.

At Worthy Hardware, we're proud to have highly vetted CNC Manufacturers. We have a specialty in CNC milling and CNC turning and a proven record of producing high-quality CNC machinery by adopting the latest CNC technology trends for our customers worldwide. Take our CNC services for your CNC machining business today!

Being experts in the CNC machining field, we are passionate about all things related to CNC machining; we're curious to assist you in understanding CNC machining, the principles of its work, and the benefits of CNC machining & applications.

What is CNC machining?

CNC is named for computer numerical control CNC. In short, CNC machining includes a metal fabrication method that uses different cutting tools in which written code controls the machinery in the manufacturing process.

And the code controls everything from the part to spindle speed and the movement of the cutting head, tool paths plus cutting tool and the part to spindle speed and RPMs, etc.

CNC machining is actually a form of a subtractive manufacturing method that removes the excessive material rather than adding it during the production process.

This shows that the CNC machining works with a block of material (also known as blank), and it uses a fast-moving cutting tool to carve away excess material and produce the finished part quickly.

CNC machining services always use a subtractive fabrication method. This explains that the material removing capabilities of CNC Machining during the production process makes the CNC systems the opposite of additive manufacturing like 3D printing and move in exact movements.

How do CNC machines work?

As we touch on, CNC machining works with a digitized computer that monitors, automates, and controls the movement of a given industrial machine.

In large industrial plants, even in small business, the computers usually operate CNC machines and are installed in the machines; on the other side, in hobbyists' machines, the computers are generally attached externally.

The parts created with CNC Machining are fully automated and wear resistance plus chemical resistance as compared to 3d printing. 

The movements that this machine code controls usually depend on the type of CNC machine that is being used in the manufacturing sector and CNC Machining businesses.

Let's observe the most common CNC machines in the modern-day and their working principles.

Types of CNC Machines

In this portion, we try to explore the different types of CNC machining. 

#1 CNC milling machines

CNC Milling machine is considered one of the most common & famous types of CNC machining and is well known for its high accuracy and tight tolerances.

CNC mills machines milling tools feature are based on built-in tools for drilling and metal cutting tools, and after bulk material is placed inside them, the computer will guide (without manual control) the cutting and drilling and tool access to work their magic.

At Worthy Hardware, we excel in offering 3-axis and 5-axis high-precision CNC milling capabilities. 5-axis CNC milling is usually suited to complex geometries/Geometric complexity and is mostly done in a single operation; on the other hand, 3-axis CNC milling is a more suitable choice to create a more simple final part.

#2 CNC lathe machines

CNC turning is the opposite of CNC milling, as having different working properties; instead of removing material, it uses CNC routers that are rotated as it is cut.

CNC lathe machines include a lathe in the center that moves and manipulates the material into the position as programmed & instructed on the computer. This CNC milling is another of our specialties!

#3 CNC plasma-cutting machines

Unlike CNC milling machines, CNC plasma cutting machines are used to cut materials as well. However, they have different working principles from CNC milling machines.

They do this operation by using a high-powered plasma torch that can achieve temperatures up to 50,000 degrees Fahrenheit because they are strong enough to cut through even tough materials like metal!

#4 CNC laser-cutting machines

Not to be amazed at plasma-cutting CNC machines, there is something new as laser-cutting CNC machines are designed to cut through hard & tough materials, but they utilize a laser to operate this task (rather than a plasma torch).

These CNC lasers have a high level of cutting accuracy, but the drawback includes they aren't as strong as plasma torches.

#5 CNC electric discharge machines

CNC electric discharge CNC machines, also called spark CNC machine, is a special CNC machine that takes electrical sparks to convert materials into the desired shape.

Materials are then placed between a top and bottom electrode, and after that, the computer explains how much electrical discharge the electrodes generate – and how the part is reshaped.

Benefits of CNC machining

CNC machine is popular among manufacturers (as it's new machinery) due to their versatile benefits. They take computer-Aided Design and cad files (it includes g code) in producing parts, increase productivity and accuracy, and reduce error. 

Here are five key benefits of CNC Machining that have transformed the world of engineering:

#1 CNC machining is the perfect option for producing large quantities of parts

It's very economical & cheaper to produce large quantities of one-off prototypes and parts through CNC machining cutting tools than it is to go with 3D printing.

So if you're looking to produce larger quantities of metal parts for your manufacturing processes in a new CNC machining business, CNC machining surely can be the most cost-effective choice in your new business.

#2 CNC machines can work with many materials

While 3D printing is mostly focused on plastics, CNC machines are quite indifferent to what they are cutting – so that the material is rigid & hard enough not to melt or deform under the high pressure of the cutting action.

At Worthy Hardware, we provide over 60 production-grade materials for your next project or CNC machining business in CNC machining and take in-depth care to ensure that the right material should be used for every part.

Most commonly, the metals we use are magnesium alloy, titanium, aluminum, stainless steel, zinc alloy, and brass but they can be customized according to your CNC machining business.

#3 CNC machines can create parts quickly

It probably would not bring a surprise to you that CNC machining works quicker than humans do!

Whenever you order your CNC machined parts through Worthy Hardware, we'll get you a quote within one to two business days – and you'll receive the finished parts (irrespective you have a small business or small shop) in as little as five days!

#4 CNC machines are highly accurate

To provide you an accurate idea of how accurate they are, at Worthy Hardware, our standard CNC tolerance is +/- 0.127mm; plus, when you use the tolerance configuration tool, you can expect the exact precision machining down to +/- 0.005 mm. Excellent for your CNC machining business. 

#5 CNC machining allows for multiple finishing options and post-processing 

For instance, at Worthy Hardware, we offer high-quality finishing processes for CNC machined parts, from anodizing to polishing and plating to heat treatment plus powder coating and more.

CNC machining materials

Now, the cost of CNC materials varies from material to material greatly. For metals, Aluminum 6061 is considered the most economical option, at an approximate bulk cost of $25 for a blank with dimensions of 150 x 150 x 25 mm, while for plastics,

ABS has the lowest cost, at approximately $17 for a blank of the same size. The physical properties of a chosen material can also greatly impact the overall cost of CNC.

For instance, Stainless Steel is very harder than Aluminium, and that hardness makes it very difficult to machine. So cost lies in material selections.

Which industries use CNC machining? 

In particular, we've observed that CNC machining has become very important to engineers in those sectors where high accuracy is an absolute necessity, for example, in the Robotics industry, aerospace industry, and the medical industry.

However, CNC is also used in a vast range of other industries, such as:

  • Food & beverage
  • Clothing
  • Automotive
  • Agriculture
  • Electrical
  • Defense
  • Mining

If you need a part made in any industry, either production or prototype accurately in bulk quantity, CNC is the right choice for you.

Why Use Worthy Hardware for Custom CNC Machining Services?

Worthy Hardware delivers custom CNC machining services to engineers, product developers, designers, and others.

Our AS9100D machine shops can create any unique design, no matter how basic or sophisticated. All orders are handled by Worthy Hardware from start to finish, including rapid CNC prototypes, small-batch machining, and high-volume production.

 To get a pricing, lead time, and design-for-manufacturability input on your custom CNC components, upload a CAD file to the Worthy Hardware Instant Quoting EngineSM.

Our CNC service provides metals and plastics, as well as flexible production and delivery choices, to fulfill your needs at the best price and stage of product development.

With our worldwide recognized certificates such as ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485, plus a quality management system along with other options to add inspections, material certifications, hardware traceability, and certificates of compliance,

Worthy Hardware ensures the quality of your parts. We accept technical designs and have support teams in place to ensure that you receive high-quality CNC machined parts on schedule.


Finally, engineers in any industry who need huge volumes of accurate mechanical parts for rapid Prototyping or production should consider CNC machining.

To determine which method is best for you and your project's specific needs, we recommend speaking with a reputable digital manufacturing platform or provider and seeking their guidance.

There is a world of options at your hands when it comes to a production technology as reliable, precise, and widely applicable as CNC machining.

When ordering CNC machined parts having sharp edges, choose the appropriate supplier – and the right digital manufacturing platform – and you can't go wrong.


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