How To Expedite Your Quote For CNC Machining Parts

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Normally it will only take 10-15 days to make your custom cnc machining parts and components. And the very first step in making your designs a reality is the quoting stage – you have a design, and you want to know how much it will cost to build it.We know having a project stalled due to downtime while you wait for a quote is frustrating, so we aim to provide you a thorough quote within 12 hours. Sometimes, we were asked why there was a delay in turning around a quote, and the answer is usually simple – we needed more information.We wrote this blog post to provide a rundown of all of the important steps and key information you should include when submitting a request for quote.

1. Send us  detail drawings, nmjikmjhhjghjk;ofytedrgcwsdrt

CAD or PDF will be good from which we could learn the tolerances. If you have the 3D drawings, we prefer to get IGS or STEP format.

2. Make clear notes

Keep in mind that the most important step in getting a quote is for you to communicate clearly what you need. Some designs are so simple and straightforward that just a drawing will suffice.  However, often there is more that we need to know in order to quote correctly. If you don’t include extra information in your request, we will just come back to ask you questions, but this takes time. At a minimum, please indicate your material, finish and qty (I.e. 10 units, Stainless Steel, Gentian Blue Powdercoat).

3.Tell us about your graphics if you can

Ideally, you would have complete graphics files (including logos, labeling, and other artwork) ready when requesting a quote. But if you don’t, don’t worry, it’s not critical, as you can add those once you actually decide to order. However this will likely affect your price quoted, so you should definitely let us know via notes if you plan to include graphics on the design.


There are a few instances where we cannot fast track quoting because your request requires externally sourced services such as anodizing, or materials that we don’t stock. (We are happy  to order non-stock materials for you, however, it will take a bit of time to determine the cost and lead time associated with ordering the material).


The suppliers we work with are generally responsive, so we can usually still get you a quote within 24 to 48 hours.


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