How to distinguish rough cutting from finishing cutting?

cnc machining services

cnc machining services

In the hardware industry, CNC machining is one of the mainstream ways for modern machine tools to finish parts, it solves the processing capacity that cannot be achieved by ordinary machining, CNC machining parts manufacturing process, the most commonly used processing methods by milling and turning processing, these two processing methods collectively referred to as cutting processing.CNC lathe processing plant cutting processing is divided into two, called "rough cutting" and "finishing cutting".Then, what is the specific difference between rough cutting and finishing cutting?

Here are five different tips to follow my eyes.

1.Finish machining, so that the workpiece surface is clean, accurate size.  

Because CNC machining workpiece after "rough cutting", the entire workpiece has been very close to the workpiece itself requirements of the appearance and size, but the machining surface still exists the metal margin, then only to carry out "fine cutting", after this method of processing the workpiece surface is more clean, size will be more accurate.

Generally speaking, in the process of CNC machining, steel bar material, forging, casting, etc., only through a rough cutting and a fine cutting can achieve the required shape and size.However, sometimes parts of a machine part may require more than one roughing cut.Some hardware parts processing, such as precision requirements are not high or need to cut the amount of metal is small, may also need a fine cutting.

2.The purpose of rough cutting is to remove the residue as quickly as possible.

The cutting force of rough cutting must be considerable to remove most of the excess material, and it requires a greater cutting force than that of fine cutting, which means that the whole machine, the cutting tool, the workpiece, or all three must be able to withstand it.But the processing surface left after this treatment can not be too rough, slender workpiece can not bend, can not damage the top, the technology is quite high.

3.Precision cutting emphasizes precision.

Fine cutting is to make the workpiece surface smooth and accurate in size, so it is a more fine cutting.This finishing method requires the use of very sharp tools, because the amount of cutting is small, the amount of metal cut is less, the precision of measurement is higher.

4.Different cutting methods need to choose different tools。

In rough cutting, because to remove most of the surplus material, cutting force, to choose high strength, good durability of the tool, to have a greater cutting force to meet the requirements of the use of large areas of the cutting tool, large feed.However, precision cutting requires the use of high precision, good durability of the tool, it requires a smooth surface, fine size, to ensure the accuracy of the requirements.No matter what cutting method, we should pay attention to reduce the time to change the knife and convenient to the knife, should try to use machine clip knife and machine clip blade.

5. For different machining methods, it is necessary to choose different cutting parameters.

Selection principle of cutting parameters: rough machining, generally to improve productivity, but also should consider the economy and processing costs;In the finishing process, the cutting efficiency, economy and processing cost should be considered on the premise of ensuring the processing quality.

Whether it is rough cutting or fine cutting, CNC machining workers must set the process of rough cutting and fine cutting steps, and adjust the machine tool, must consider the size and shape of the workpiece, the type of material, the type of tool, and the nature of the cutting.Then start to adjust the machine to the correct speed and feed, adjust the tool to achieve the required cutting depth.


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