What is the difference between Machining & Sheet Metal Fabrication ?

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We always heard that there were peoples are still confused with the CNC Machining and Sheet metal fabrication process. In fact, there are some differences between them. Some parts are made by CNC machining process and some parts could be made by machining or sheet metal fabrication process. To keep everyone on the same page, today we will distinguish the difference between the two types of production process.

CNC Machining

Sheet Metal Fabrication

1. The operation process is different
CNC machining is cutting away material from a part 
Sheet Metal fabrication is the building of metal structures by cutting, bending, and assembling processes.

2. The material shape is different
The material shape for CNC machining is solid round bar, tube, or plates metal,but for sheet metal fabrication is plate metal,formed and expanded metal,wire.

3. The precision is different
The tolerance for CNC machined parts is more precise than sheet metal fabrication parts.

To sum up, the main difference between machining and sheet metal fabrication are the production process, material shape and their precision. Hope the explanation on this will help you understand them well in the future.