Cost Factors for CNC Machining Parts

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Do you know the factors affect your cnc machining parts cost in Worthy Hardware?

Why our customers choose WORTHY as their vendor to make the parts?

Yes! Not only our quality and services are the best, but also our prices are very competitive. We will share the details on how to calculate the prices for you. Normally the production time will decide the prices of the working pieces. For example, if you would like to make some CNC parts, you should know the cost for the material. The most important thing is that you must be familiar with its production time.

Our machining cost is $12.5 per hour. In order to make the perfect quality parts, if we do not have the stock knife tools, we will add the cost of these tools into the prices. Except the material cost, production cost and knife tools cost, depreciation of machinery, labor cost, management cost, VAT and shipping cost also will affect the prices. However, it is not necessary to worry about it, because our engineers are very professional, the prices that we quote is very precise.

When we receive the project, firstly our engineers will check the production process, then choose the most economical production method, and finally we will get the production time. Because different production process will have different production time, sometimes the prices for the working piece will be very big. The prices will be changed based on the base prices.

Below are the base prices for all kinds of machines.

No. Equipment Model Range in Size Production Cost/Hour (USD)
1 CNC Lathe C616 Φ320×750~1000 10
2 CNC Lathe C6140 Φ400×1000~2000 13
3 CNC Lathe J1-MAZAK Φ460×1000~2000 15
4 CNC Lathe C6150 Φ460×1000~2000 15
5 CNC Lathe C630 Φ630×1000~2000 21
6 CNC Lathe C650 Φ800×1500~5000 30
7 Vertical CNC Lathe C5116A Φ1600 28
8 Drilling Machine Z3050 Φ50~Φ63 16
9 Drilling Machine Z3080 Φ80 20
10 Vertical Drilling Machine Z5140A Φ32~Φ40 12
11 Horizontal Boring Machine T68 1000×1000 26
12 Horizontal Boring Machine T611 1000×1000 30
13 Vertical Boring Machine T4163  630×1100 56
14 Universal Grinding Machine External M1420 Φ125~220×350~1000 15
15 Universal Grinding Machine External M1432A M9025×500~1000 19
16 Universal Grinding Machine External M1432B Φ315~320×1500~3000 26
17 Universal Grinding Machine External M1331A Φ315~320×1500~3000 26
18 Universal Grinding Machine External M1450 Φ500×1500~2000 28
19 Grinding machine  internal MG1432 Φ12~Φ100×130 13
20 Surface Grinder M7120 200×630~650 16
21 Surface Grinder M7130 300×1000 21
22 Surface Grinder M7150 500×2000 40
23 Vertical CNC Milling Machine X5030A Φ300×1120 16
24 Vertical CNC Milling Machine X52K Φ320×1250 18
25 Vertical CNC Milling Machine XA5032 Φ320×1250 18
26 Horizontal CNC Milling Machine X63W Φ400×1600 24
27 CNC Machining Center Φ200×650 80
28 Wire EDM Φ200×650 9-55