How CNC Can Change Our World?

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Just a decade ago, one could come across the regular use of CNC (Computer Numeric Controlled) Machines as well as the use of other types of robotics only in the factories or high end fabrication shops or mostly in governmental organizations world over. In today’s scenario, one can find CNC machines employed in almost each and every industry, right from small scale to large scale. Even those who have never heard the word CNC ever before would know about the same very soon. It won’t be long before CNC would evolve in just the same fashion as internet did quite a few years ago. Many companies such as Worthy Hardware Co.,ltd have already created a great name for themselves in the manufacture of CNC Machining Services and CNC Turned Parts.As a pioneer in the manufacture of CNC Machined Partsin Dongguan, Worthy Hardware has been witness to the enormous and myriad evolution of CNC applications.

1.3D Printing allows instant creation of practically anything.

Three-dimensional printing using resins, plastics, and even metal alloys is emerging from small shops around the world, and while it’s still in its infancy these technologies are paving the way to new businesses, and changing industries. Today, we are seeing the early stages of this with on-demand 3D printing: ordinary people can have objects created for them simply be sending a company a computer file, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Recently, a few companies have shown that nylon printing can create articles of clothing; ten years from now we may simply be printing the clothes we wear.

  1. Precision mechanics for everyday convenience.

CNC applications will not necessarily create new objects but rather automate processes that once had been done by hand. CNC paint sprayers, or etching devices that can be moved with more precision that any human can achieve. Industries have sprung up around these applications. It is now possible to draw a design with a pen and paper and have it etched or painted on a laptop, or cut from vinyl to stick on the window of your car. These technologies are coming to the home, too. In the last few years CNC has been adopted by cake decorators (designing with icing) and egg printers (using food-safe inks to create works of art on egg shells) at costs that make customized processes available every day. This technology will establish the ability to automate and mechanically control the most basic of tasks, including (but not limited to) preparing meals, cleaning the house, and styling hair, all with a simple push of a button.

  1. Fully mobile CNC machines for used by the public.

Like the Internet, CNC technology will continue to evolve to a point of full mobility. Already there are affordable home CNC machines that can cut metal, wood, and plastics, fit on a tabletop, and can be moved around by one person. Soon, you will be able to carry a CNC machine in your pocket for writing or drawing as well as tackling massive projects, with thousands of them working in concert, like ants. We see this concept in place in fully automated factories and, like basic CNC, it won’t be long before this technology makes it to the everyday user. Creating or doing anything mechanical, on-the-go, will become easier and more efficient. It is probably safe to assume that mobile CNC machines will be able to make other CNC machines that can perform completely different tasks.

Considering these predications will help anybody to understand the possibilities of this amazing, emerging technology. The evolution of CNC capabilities eventually will bring us into a world of instantaneous object creation and service robotics that will change forever how we think and feel about mechanical labor in our daily lives. As these machines develop, being on the cutting edge will be more important than ever and will determine the leaders of the industries of the future


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