How to Choose the Right Material for Your CNC Turned Parts?

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Regardless of your industry, choosing the right material is one of the most important components in determining the overall functionality and cost of your part. Here are 5 quick tips for choosing the right material!

1.The use orientation of the part

This is a most important factor while choosing the material of which the part should be made. Use orientation itself is a diversified field to consider and the environment is among the significant factors in this. The ambient environment in which the part would be used determines the choice much; like an external moist environment would require stainless steel and not the carbon steel or iron that would get rusted over time. The type of coupling with other parts (moving or stationary) is also important; whether it would be fastened through rivet or bolt or welding or else. These and other factors need to be thoroughly analyzed by the engineers and product specialists before finding the best material choice.


2.Operating and ambient temperature

Temperature is very important determinant for the choice of the material. The melting point of the material should be above the process temperature. Steels and brass withstand high temperature and are generally preferred for making the diversity of CNC Turned Parts. A noted Company offering CNC machined parts says that it is also important to note that the lathes, mills, saws and grinders that implement the commands of CNC machines also have a high temperature of ‘impact’ as the part is being made. The material should also bear this processing temperature while being worked upon and should not get denatured!


3.Weight and stress capacity as functions of designing

Proper analysis needs to the done regarding the weight and stress capacity of the component. In some orientations, too much weight could cause the functional stress and needs to be avoided, like in high speed moving parts! In such cases, drilling out of the excess material is also recommended. Material choice is important for such tasks to be effective.


4.Strength and sturdiness

Core strength and sturdiness of the component should be considered. The parameters of elasticity, metal endurance, and metal fatigue, wear resistance and hardness/brittleness should be considered and then material determined appropriately.


5.Production cost analysis

CNC Turned Parts manufacturers consider that cost analysis as very important for the enterprise to generate economy in production! One material can offer relatively cheaper production as compared to other; like the watch cases can be more economically carved in softer alloys than stainless steel!


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