7 Types of CNC Steel Cutting and Its challenges

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A steel/metal cutting machine is, as the name suggests, a machine or tool that is used to cut steel/metal. Depending on how it is driven, the steel cutting machine is either manual, semi-automatic, or automatic.

Many tools for cutting steel/metal, like band saws and chop saws, are cheap, versatile, and easy to use. They are better for metal-cutting shops that don't make a lot of money. And sometimes, the manual tools for cutting steel don't cut well and make a lot of mistakes.

This guide is produced by Worthy Hardware to inform you about the 7 different types of CNC steel cutting machines and their challenges. 

What is CNC Steel /Metal Cutting? 

Laser, flame, plasma, and water-jet cutting are the most common types of computer numerically controlled steel cutting. Using the CNC nesting software's optimized cutting program, they can cut in a way that is automatic, quick, and of high quality.

CNC steel cutting is a modern, high-tech way of making things. The CNC machine for cutting steel was made by putting together cutting machinery and advanced computer numerical control technology.

Types of CNC Steel Cutting

1.  Grinding Wheel Cutting

Most of the time, grinding wheels are used to grind, remove extra material from a surface, clean up cuts, and get steel pieces ready for welding.
They can also be used to remove welds from metal and sharpen tools like shovels.

2.  Saw Cutting 

Cuts made with a saw are used to make control joints in concrete, which help keep cracks from happening in certain places.
The cuts should be made at regular intervals and only after the concrete has hardened enough but before it starts to crack inside. So, the timing of saw cuts is very important.

3.  Flame Cutting 

Flame cutting is a type of thermal cutting. Oxygen and a fuel source are used to make a flame with enough energy to melt and cut material.
For flame-cutting, a neutral flame is used to heat the material to the point where it can catch fire.
When this point is reached, the person in charge presses a lever to send a high-flowing stream of extra oxygen to the flame. This is used to break up the material and blow away the molten metal or dross.

4.  Laser Cutting 

Laser cutting is mostly a thermal process in which a focused laser beam is used to melt material in a small area. A co-axial gas jet is used to push the molten material out and make a kerf.
Under CNC control, moving the laser beam or the piece being cut makes a continuous cut.
Laser cutting can be done in three main ways: fusion cutting, flame-cutting, and remote cutting.

5.  CNC Grinding

With CNC grinding, a high-speed abrasive wheel is used as the cutting tool to remove small amounts of material. The part or workpiece on the machine table moves along the X-, Y-, and Z-axes while this wheel turns in place.
Depending on the size of the part, this movement may take the grinding wheel more than one pass to get the right size.

6.  Water Jet Cutting 

Waterjet cutting is a type of mechanical cutting that uses a fast, high-pressure stream of water to cut through something.
A high-pressure pump forces water out of a waterjet cutting head. For harder and more difficult-to-cut materials, like metal, an abrasive material is usually added to the water to make it easier to cut and to help the water move faster.
On the side of the material opposite the waterjet cutting head, there is a tank that collects the extra water and material that is lost during the cutting process.

7.  CNC Milling Cutting 

CNC milling, also known as computer numerical control milling, is a type of machining that uses computerized controls and rotating multipoint cutting tools to remove material from a workpiece step by step and make a part or product that is made to order.

Common Material Used for CNC Steel Cutting 

1.  Q235

Q235 is structural steel made of plain carbon that is used all over China. There are also the names Q235A, Q235B, Q235C, and Q235D for it. Since it is mild steel, it doesn't need to be heated before it can be used.
The Q stands for the yield point, and the 235 stands for the strength at the yield point.

2.  Q345

Q345 is a type of low alloy steel that is often used in cars, bridges, ships, and buildings. The Q stands for the yield point, and the 345 stands for the strength of yield.
This is also known as GB/T 1591. As a result, it is important to remember that the yield value goes down as the thickness of the material goes up.

3.  Galvanized Steel

Galvanization, also called "galvanizing," is the process of coating steel or iron with zinc to keep it from rusting.
The most common way is called "hot-dip galvanizing," and it involves putting the parts in a bath of hot, molten zinc.

4.  Stainless Steel

Galvanization, also called "galvanizing," is the process of coating steel or iron with zinc to keep it from rusting.
The most common way is called "hot-dip galvanizing," and it involves putting the parts in a bath of hot, molten zinc.

Considerations in the cutting process

1.  The workpiece is not fully cut

Using larger depths of cut will also cut down on the number of cutting passes needed to finish a part, which is a very important thing to think about.

2.  Unusual sparks when cutting steel

A circular saw can be used to cut through a sheet of stainless steel without leaving any burn marks. It is a circular saw that you can hold in your hand.
Make sure that the thickness of your stainless steel sheet matches the thickness of the blade to avoid unusual sparks.

3.  Burning 

Use a hacksaw instead of an angle grinder to cut stainless steel without burning.

Attaching a carbide grinding bit to a rotary tool like a Dremel, for example, reduces the number of sparks and burning and helps get rid of any small pieces of metal that your grinder may miss or not be able to reach.


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