What is Nickel Electroplating?

Nickel electroplating is a process of applying a nickel coating onto a metal surface by means of electrolytic deposition. In order for parts to be plated, they must be clean and free of dirt, corrosion, and defects so the plating can be applied. In order to prepare a product, it must be cleaned and protected before the plating process. To prepare a part, a combination of cleaning, masking, heat treating, pickling and etching are commonly used.


Types of nickel electroplating.

Bright Nickel Plating-Due to high levelling properties, bright nickel plating hides polishing lines and other imperfections of the surface of a material, which makes it an appealing option. It produces a bright mirror like finish due to its elevated sulfur content and is also has good conductivity. However, it is not as corrosion resistant as other types of nickel plating. It is ideal for car parts like trim work, bumpers, rims, and exhaust pipes.


Matte Nickel Plating-Producing this hard-wearing dull, matte finish is a very similar process to bright nickel plating process. Dull nickel plating is extremely corrosion resistant and malleable. It is ideal for machine parts and springs since its coating can build thickness and is useful for abrasion and dimensional correction purposes for movement.


Benefits for Nickel Electroplating.

It is common for nickel plating to be used for a variety of reasons or uses including:

Corrosion resistance: Nickel plating provides protection from oxidizing and rusting with a coating,which shields the base metal.

Solder-ability: The plating allows you to solder difficult metals.

Durability: CNC Mechanical parts and tools often benefit from an increased hardness making them more durable and longer lasting. thicker plating can often make an object magnetic.

Ornamental purposes: A variety of colors and finishes can give an aesthetically pleasing look to an object. From brushed stainless steel to metallic black, there is a broad range of options available making nickel appealing to lots of industries.


Different Nickel Electroplating projects