What Should You Know About the CNC Plywood Cutting Service?

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What is plywood material?

Plywood is a wood-based material consisting of several thin wood layers, mainly wood veneers or plies. The thin layers of wood are joined cross-wise through glue along the grain, giving it a panel shape. The odd number of veneer sheets is mainly used to form plywood.

It is a widely used material, produced in various qualities, which mainly depend on the number of layers of veneers and gluing. The moisture content of plywood is very low. Therefore it shows high popularity in modern construction.

Advantages and disadvantages of plywood

Plywood gives us various advantages as a building material but also have many disadvantages. The followings are the main advantages and disadvantages of plywood.

Advantages of plywood:

  1. Plywood is a corrosion-resistant material.
  2. Plywood reduces the structure’s tensile stress.
  3. Plywood gives better dimensional stability to the material.
  4. The moisture content of plywood is low.

Disadvantages of plywood:

  1. You can peel off the painted surface of the plywood.
  2. The durability of plywood is less than wood, so it is less durable than wood.
  3. The strength of plywood is less than wood, so it is weaker material compared to wood.

Difference between plywood and medium-density fiberboard (MDF)

Some main differences between plywood and medium-density fiberboard (MDF) are:

  1. Plywood is a material made by gluing the thin layers of wood, while medium-density fiberboard is made of fibers of wood that are produced by breaking softwood and hardwood.
  2. Plywood is harder than MDF, so it cannot be damaged easily.
  3. On the other hand, MDF can be easily damaged on rough handling. So, we can say that plywood is more stable and durable than MDF.
  4. MDF is less resistant to water than plywood, so it shows more damage to water exposure than plywood.
  5. Moreover, it is easy to create cuts and edges with MDF than with plywood. The cost of plywood is higher compared to MDF. It means plywood is more expensive than MDF.

Process of CNC cutting plywood

Various cutting tools are used to cut plywood, such as laser, router, electric saw, or jigsaw. But, the most recommended way of cutting the plywood is through CNC.

CNC machines efficiently perform the cutting of plywood. The CNC machine for cutting plywood mostly consists of a plywood laser cutter. It also consists of oscillating knife plywood CNC router, and plywood CNC router. Plywood router bits commonly use to cut the plywood sheets.

The plywood router bit is made of solid tungsten carbides and during cutting plywood, router bit compressions can push the chips. It cuts toward the cut center to avoid the hairy appearance of the outer edges.

Avoiding tear-out

Preventing the tear-out in plywood is necessary. You can avoid tearing out through the following ways.

Use a high tooth count blade.

You can use high-quality 40 tooth blades to help prevent tear-out in plywood. You can also use a 60-80-tooth blade if tear-out continues with a 40-tooth blade. It results in a smooth cut with less tear-out.

Use zero clearance insert on the table saw.

Zero clearance on the table saw improves cutting quality by supporting wood fibers at the cut line.

Making cuts in the middle of the plywood

You can make cuts in the middle of plywood by installing a cutting bit on the multipurpose tool. Then install the blade or bit into the hole and turn on the tool after holding it tightly. In the last, cut the square shape by following the pencil lines from one corner to another corner.

Sealing the plywood edges

Insert putty in the gaps present in the outer layer of plywood. After filling the gaps, remove the excess putty by using putty scrapers. Use sandpaper to rub the plywood's outer surface of the plywood thus providing a smooth surface.

Considerations for CNC cutting plywood

You can consider some factors while working on the CNC plywood cutting service.

  • Cutting plywood may cause cuts through your skin, resulting in injuries due to the formation of splints. It is difficult to get rid of these splints.
  • The production of sawdust is common while cutting the woods. The same is the case with the cutting of plywood. The sawdust produced by the plywood’s cutting is different from other woods sawdust ass it contains more toxic compounds.
  • Sawdust of plywood contains glue that is used in making the plastic compounds. So it is considered more flammable than sawdust or wood. Thus, it would help if you kept the plywood sawdust to a lower level during the CNC cutting of plywood.
  • The formaldehyde gas is commonly produced from the glue used in plywood manufacturing. Exposure to this gas may cause respiratory problems in the workers. Moreover, cutting plywood with CNC may also produce dust.
  • The dust can cause severe throat infections or other respiratory issues. Thus to avoid these respiratory problems, you must make sure to use a respirator while cutting plywood. It would be better to have enough ventilated areas to eliminate dust and formaldehyde gas.
  • The CNC cutting of plywood is not considered a good option. The reason is the high cost of the process. The CNC cutting of plywood is much more expensive than the CNC cutting of particleboard and MDF, disturbing your budget.
  • CNC cutting of plywood is much more difficult, so you must cut it carefully or handle it properly. A little rough handling of plywood during cutting can cause injury or may permanently damage the piece.


Plywood is the layer of wood glued together cross-wise.
It is used in exterior and interior walls, flooring, roofing, cabinets, furniture-making, and many more building materials.
It is corrosion-resistant with low moisture content and high dimensional stability, but its durability and strength are less than other woods.
Plywood is more stable, durable harder, expensive, with more water-resistant than MDF. The process of the CNC cutting plywood includes avoiding tearing out using a high tooth count blade and zero clearance on the saw table, making cuts in the middle of plywood, and sealing edges.
Plywood is more stable, durable harder, expensive, with more water-resistant than MDF. The process of the CNC cutting plywood includes avoiding tearing out using a high tooth count blade and zero clearance on the saw table, making cuts in the middle of plywood, and sealing edges.

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