What is CNC Wood Cutting Services and how does it work?

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CNC wood cutting services are the services in which the CNC machines are used for making simple and complex wood designs. CNC wood cutting machines are durable with high accuracy. These machines are less time-consuming, producing less wastage of different wood parts.

What is CNC Wood Cutting Services?

There are various types of CNC wood cutting machines. All of them are provided with a CNC router having a fixed motor and cutting the woods in different sizes and shapes. The rotation of the router allows the wood engraving, so it is considered an effective cutting tool.

The tools are rotated, spun, and moved according to the CAM program, which can create by using the software.The CAD file is transformed into the instructions through this software. The router machine then cut the wood according to provided instructions.

You can cut all types of wood by using CNC router machines. It may include hardwood, softwood, plywood, timber or chipboard, and MDF.

How Does it Work?

The working of the CNC wood router is similar to the other CNC machines. The CNC machines drive mechanical systems using CNC controller electronics and computer software.

It achieves high precision and accuracy, and the CNC router allows cutting wood in three directions. These are mainly referred to as X, Y, and Z directions.

The working of the CNC router machines is based on a Cartesian system. During wood cutting, the motor in the CNC router shows movement on the Z-axis, which shows the up and downside and movement of the cutting tool.

It also indicates a direction on Y-axis in which the engine and the cutting tool move along the Y-axis.

The router machines efficiently work in all directions, resulting in wood cutting and high accuracy, providing simple and complex shapes.

Moreover, various components of the CNC router work together for proper wood cutting, which includes the spindle, cutting bed, and linear drive system. The spindle does the wood cutting. It works by rotating the cutting tool at different speeds. The range of spindles for cutting wood is 8000-30,000 revolutions per minute.

The cutting bed mainly works by supporting and securing the wood pieces and parts that need cutting. It comes in different types with similar functions.

The axis employs the linear drive system, which helps move the spindle in the relevant axis. It includes lead screw assembly, a linear bearing system, and a motor.

Flat sawing

During flat sawing, also referred to as plain sawing, the passing of a log is completed through a blade. It results in plank cutting without changing the log direction. As a result, the plank has a varying orientation of the annual rings. They are oriented at 30 degrees or less to the board face. It is the most accessible and inexpensive method.

Engrave Cutting

Wood engraving can be done by using CNC machines. In engraving, fine details are created in wooden parts through shallow cuts. It can use for adding measurements, markers, or personalization texts. CNC machines with high-speed spindles are commonly used for engraving.

The reason is that the cutters mainly used for engraving are tiny, so they need high RPM. Higher RPM results in higher efficiency. Three types of cutters are used mainly for engraving:

  1. V-bit cutters
  2. Engraving cutters
  3. Ball end mill cutters

Moreover, a flat CNC machine is required for wood engraving. The machine is set up in a way that the movement of the cutter should be parallel to the wood parts that will engrave. Otherwise, you can end up with undesirable results due to the varying depth of engraved features.

Quarter Sawing

In quarter sawing of wood, quarter sawn boards are produced while cutting different logs into lumber. The lumber results from quarter sawing are referred to as quartered or radially sawn. Quarter sawing involves the lengthwise quartering of the logs. It results in the perpendicular wedges that end at the center of the log. Then, the cutting of the quarters is done, and the boards are sawed along their axis.

As a result, the board with annual rings is produced at a right angle to the faces. The wooden boards made by quarter sawing have excellent stability and straight striped grain lines.


CNC wood cutting is the most common and recommended way of efficiently and precisely cutting wood. Cutting all types of wood, including softwood, hardwood, plywood, etc., is done using computer-controlled CNC machines. CNC router is mainly used for cutting and shaping simple and complex woods with spindle and various cutters.

Commonly the flat sawing engrave cutting and quarter sawing of timber is done, resulting in wood with desirable shapes and sizes. This wood is then used mainly for making furniture. It provides wood shapes with high and designs with high accuracy, so used for various decorative purposes.

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