What is CNC lathe and CNC milling machine

milling machining

milling machining

CNC lathes and CNC milling machines not only high degree of automation, and machining parts high precision, in the mass production of fine mechanical parts has a huge advantage, not only high efficiency, and high safety factor, now many processing and manufacturing enterprises will be equipped with this equipment.

I. Their working process is similar, but the shape range of the workpiece is different. To sum up, there are mainly the following four steps:

1. Prepared procedures according to the processing drawings provided by customers;

2. Set up the processing program and input it into the equipment of CNC lathe or CNC milling machine, and wait for issuing the command to specify the system to work;

3.After receiving the instruction, the servo system starts to operate automatically. Start the whole machine processing action, drive lathe or milling machine for the processing of fine mechanical parts;

4.Driven by the servo system, CNC rotation of lathe parts is carried out in an orderly manner. Each process will be carried out in an orderly manner, processing to meet the requirements of the fine parts.


II. Since the CNC lathe and milling machine machining precision is so high, in the process of processing, what factors will directly affect it?

The first is whether the machine itself precision system is a good configuration, which will directly affect the degree of precision CNC machine tools. Secondly, whether its own rigidity can bear the operation of various machine equipment, whether in line with the objective reality will affect the accuracy of CNC machine tools. Therefore, the machine tool itself first requires a high precision, which is the basis to ensure the precision of the surface machining of fine parts.

The tool and the measurement error also affect the precision of the parts processing. The tool used in the fine machining has the size and Angle. It is a tool with a certain size produced in accordance with the track of the specification. Different tools correspond to different processing methods. Different using methods of the three cutting elements, namely, back draft, spindle speed and feed, will also lead to different machining surface precision of fine mechanical parts. According to the different processing requirements of parts, different requirements for efficiency and precision to choose different processing methods.

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