What are CNC Metal Cutting and its process?

cnc metal cutting

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What is CNC Metal Cutting?

CNC metal cutting is a process in which different tools are used to remove excess material from a part of the metal. CNC router makes metal cutting and manufacturing an easy process. CNC router cutting is one of the high-tech production CNC processes used to cut mill soft metal plates, and the extra material is removed to give the metal a definite shape using a CNC router machine. CNC router performs smooth and fast drilling and special-shaped cutting

CNC routers can also cut mill soft metal plates such as aluminum, brass, copper, acrylic board, plastics and mild steel or are used for cutting aluminum. This process looks like cutting process of wood by machine. Different metal cutting machines such as a CNC router machine and automatic tool changer are used in this high-speed process. CNC router has some advantages over waterjet and laser scratch process. The water jet process is more costly than the CNC router metal cutting process.

Metal cutting machines use advanced cutting machine numerical control technologies. These CNC metal cutting machines improve and control the efficiency and quality of metal cutting. Different processes and materials are used in a CNC machine. These processes include CNC lasering cutting, CNC punching, CNC milling cutting, and CNC plasma cutting. 

Process 1-CNC Lasering Cutting

It is a thermal cutting process used in the processing of metal sheets. The workpiece is subjected to a highly focused and high-energy laser beam during the CNC router process. The metal vapors are produced at the end of the process. The high pressure of airflow blew out these metal vapors. Some typer cutting machines can use be used cutting wood, leather metal arts and metal letters, and a thin beam diode laser cutter is used for wood cutting. The high accuracy of a CNC machine can ensure product quality. Some main advantages of the laser-cut process and technology are its continuous bevel-edged cuts in tubing completed by a B-C head to make z-axis rotation around the surface. It is due to localization of heat from a beam of light .

A cutting gap is produced in the workpiece due to the laser beam. Different types of lasers are used in this process to produce custom laser parts. The CO2 and fiber lasers are commonly used types of fiber. Laser and metal cutting machine can quickly produce metal components while providing an accurate edge finish at a low cost. 

Process 2-CNC Punching

It is a sheet metal manufacturing process used for punching holes in metals sheets and metal pipes. CNC punch presses carried out this process. CNC punch presses may have a tool rail and single head design. The metal sheets are moved in the x and y directions by the CNC punching machine to be positioned accurately under the punching ram. As a result, a hole is punched in the metal sheet. CNC punching is quick, accurate, and produces less waste. It is also a cost-effective process.

Process3-CNC Milling cutting

CNC milling cutting is a process typically used to produce complex metal parts. The metal parts produced by milling machines are highly precise. In this process, the computerized programming code operates different machines and tools to cut the soft metals and give them a specific form. Different milling machines and tools with different components cutting and structure the metal. These CNC machines include horizontal milling, vertical milling, and multi-axis milling that use different axes for producing components. Low labor cost, precision, and replicability are the main advantages of CNC milling cutting.

Process 4-CNC Plasma cutting

In this process, electrically conductive materials can be cut using an accelerated jet of hot plasma. It is used for industrial, construction scrapping and automotive. CNC plasma cutting is a manufacturing process that includes cutting metal such as copper, aluminum, and brass with plasma. It is done by using plasma cutter CNC machines. A plasma CNC machine can produce both bevel and straight cuts.

These machines use a computer that controls and directs hot plasma on the metal. As a result, the metal is cut down. Plasma cutting CNC machines are highly accurate and can be found in different functionalities and sizes. CNC plasma cutting is a high-quality and highly efficient process. It can do cutting of thicker metal at a fast speed. It is a cost-effective and safe method for cutting thick and thin metal. 

Metals could be cut

Material CNC laser cutting process CNC punching process CNC milling process CNC plasma cutting
Aluminum plate Three main varieties: flame cutting, fusion cutting, and remote cutting. It can cut parts of aluminum up to 10 mm and causes no surface blemishing. The CNC punching process is carried out by CNC machines and is one of the common processes used in the metalworking industry.  It is good for small and medium parts production. It can cut parts of aluminum parts 6mm thick. It depends on your material, service-providing company and project requirements. CNC milling is a mechanical process suitable for various materials such as aluminum , copper and titanium to produce custom-designed parts.
It can not find appropriate for every manufacturing application.
A service provider of CNC router can deliver reliable operation for aluminum, brass, copper and other materials. You can now shop for quality aluminum products and can make your CNC cut metal operation successful and cost-effective.
Plasma cutting aluminum is a very effective process, and it is applied over a wide range of thicknesses.
It can cut aluminum from gauge thickness up to 38mm pierce and 50 mm with an edge start. For thicker aluminum plates, it results in a more smooth surface finish with a high cutting speed. It is possible to cut aluminum plates up to 75mm aluminum plate, and severance can cut up to 160 mm.
possible to cut aluminum plates up to 75mm aluminum plate, and severance can cut up to 160 mm.
Steel plate Laser cutting is suitable for cutting mild steel and uses the extreme heat of a focused laser beam. Laser machine can cut mild steel from gauge thickness up to about 1.25 inches. The flame is an accurate and reliable process to create a very narrow kerf width and precise contours and small holes by using laser machine. A good laser CNC router or machine has capacity to cut lines and holes on rectangular, square, round and pipes. It is carried out by CNC metal cutting machine machine and is a combination of dies and punches. They combine perfectly to create holes of any size and shape on soft metal. It can cut steel material thickness from 0.5mm to 0.6mm. This is suitable for many different features such as chamfering, threading, and slotting. This process allows for producing intricate and complex designs on a single CNC milling center. The tolerances for CNC machining may be around +/- 0.1 mm. It is a good method for cutting mild steel plates, but it may decrease some edge quality. Edge quality depends on cutting current, and it generally ranges from about 1/4 inch up to 1.5 inches for thin or thick plates, and overall edge squareness can start to suffer.
Stainless steel plate Laser cutting is a thermal process, and its maximum cutting rate depends on various factors such as material thickness, process type, material properties and laser power. It can cut stainless steel up to 12 mm. It is an ultra-flexible process used for simple and complex parts. CNC punching is a sheet metal process carried out by CNC punch presses. It has either a single head or tool rail design or has a multi-tool turret design. It can cut stainless steel plates with thicknesses ranging from 0.5 to 0.6. CNC milling may perform using a cutting tool mounted on a rotating spindle. It can use to remove material from a workpiece selectively.
The process can use to produce not only shaping but also holes, slots and pockets.
Plasma cutting aluminum is a very effective process, and it is applied over a wide range of thicknesses.
It is a low-cost CNC plasma system, and it can cut stainless steel around 25mm.


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