Things you should know as a CNC Milling Machine Operator

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You just get a brand new CNC machine; you just have a little knowledge about how a CNC milling work and you are going to start working out with the machine? Not so fast, don’t rush and start anything with the machine before you’re ready for it.

First, get know to the common components of a CNC milling machine:

1. Control panel: Control panel is the heart of a CNC machine. It features a computer keyboard that is used by the technician to enter G-codes on the machine. G-codes are the commands that let the machine perform cuts according to your requirements.

2. Coolant supply tube: While milling a metal, the machine and the metal both become hot. The coolant supply tubes are used for pumping the coolant material to keep the metal cool. It also lubricates the cutting tool to ensure its smooth movement.

3. Table: The metal, wood or plastic is kept on this surface for milling. The work piece is kept attached with the table using a clamp.

4. Axis: There can be one to six axis in a CNC machine.

5. Column: It is the part that runs along the axis and holds the milling part.

6. Cutting tool: It's what does the actual job. The cutting tool is attached to the column.

Hence, before you start, here are some tips and important things for you to know in order to operate the CNC milling machine efficiently:

1. You should be familiar with G-code/ G programming language.
G-codes is the programming language used to derive most of the CNC milling machines and to perform the machining operations, one should possess the skill and knowledge in Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software

2. Use a decent cutter and handle it properly
Good cutters prevent the failure risks factor and get a few sizes of the cutter. The way of handling the cutter in the CNC milling operation also decides your success or failure such as make sure the cutter was placed properly before milling operation starts.

3. Always take note on the preventive and safety measures
Always keep in mind that safety is the most important issue whenever you operating the CNC milling machine, make sure you are truly understand the preventive measures of the machine and your working environment.  

4. Able to perform troubleshoot and rectify on minor errors
As an operator of a CNC milling machine, you are expected to possess the skills on maintenance tasks such as replacing the tools such as drills and knobs.

5. Know how to use the precision inspection equipment.
Always make us of the precision inspection equipment to ensure your components produced always within the precision range and to make sure the component fabrication process are done properly.

Now, you get the ideas of what should be included as a milling machine operator. However, if you think it was too hard perform the milling operation, you could try out the milling service provided by Worthy Hardware, a professional and commited in providing amazing CNC milling services.