Which is the right production method for your custom parts?

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Every industry has different manufacturing needs. In order to stay competitive in their market, they need to reduce their production or sourcing costs. We’ve worked with thousands of customers in different industries and we always help them to choose the right process for their custom parts.


1. Medical Industry

Worthy works with a lot of medical industry companies, the most popular process is CNC Machining process due to the high precision requirements. For the non-metal parts, normally we will use the precision Laser Cutting process to meet the complexity and at a lower cost.


2. Military Industry

Engineers and product designers within the military industry utilize CNC machining for their custom parts due to the tough materials. The flexibly of CNC machining could deal with any kind of metal and non-metal material.


3. Electronics Industry

Worthy works with many big electronics industry companies and a lot of CNC turning work have been used.due to the big quantity for the custom parts. For the jobs that aren’t turned, sheet metal stamping or punching are the most common options with much lower cost.

Overall, choosing the right production method in making the custom parts will save a lot of money for every industry. Worthy Hardware is a CNC manufacturing and sheet metal fabrication company, including CNC machining services,CNC milling services, CNC turning services, laser cutting services and stamping services. We have the extensive experience in designing and producing the custom parts.

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