The Benefits of Using CNC Lathe Services for Your Business


CNC machining includes different techniques, including CNC turning, CNC milling, CNC lathe,3D printing and surface finishing, etc. These CNC machining processes are used on a large scale to create desirable products with definite designs, shapes, materials, and sizes with excellent surface finish and tight tolerances.

CNC lathes use lathe machines to remove material for the production parts. As these machines are computer controlled thus, they guarantee cost-effective production parts with minimal or no errors. If you are unaware of the services and the benefits of the CNC lathe, then, in this article, you will learn about the CNC lathe services and machining procedure.

What are CNC Lathe Service?

CNC lathes are the CNC machining procedures commonly used for CNC machining different materials, including stainless steel, aluminum, alloy steel, carbon steel, plastic and low-carbon materials.

They are more advanced than rapid prototyping, injection molding, and metal fabrication manufacturing processes having fewer capabilities and tight tolerance of machined parts.

During the CNC lathe process, the main spindle and cutting tool are used as the main components for the mounting and cutting workpieces, such as sheet metal or other metal materials. The main spindle is used for clamping and rotating the workpiece, which is cut down by the cutting tool, showing movement in different axes to remove material.

The main CNC lathe services include producing round shapes and sharp edges of targeted material with precise inner and outer diameters. In addition to the round shapes, it is possible to create the desired shape in less lead time through the lathe machining tools.

Industries use CNC lathe services to produce various structures according to their requirements and capabilities. Some main industries that use this lathe tool to fabricate CNC machined parts include aerospace, electronics, power plant, oil & gas, and medical industries.

CNC lathe machines consist of live tooling that performs their function on multiple axes, such as X-axis and Y-axis. Moreover, they have an additional turret with various tools and an additional spindle. These features increase flexibility and effectiveness in other operations, including tapping, drilling, milling, etc.

Here are the main tools used to remove materials during CNC machining and metal fabrication.

  • Type i- Turning tool
  • Type ii-Facing tool
  • Type iii-Knurling tools
  • Type iv-Boring tool
  • Type v-Chamfering tool
  • Type vi-Parting tool

All the tools mentioned above achieve precision machining by producing rapid prototyping and CNC-turned and plastic parts with definite shapes by removing materials. Moreover, the resulting metal and plastic parts also feature excellent surface finish and greater corrosion resistance with tight tolerances.

CNC Machining turned parts created with the help of a CNC lathe show desirable features with higher accuracy and require fewer lead times for their production. Thus, it eliminates the need for a second operation for CNC milling and machining metal parts using CNC machines. Some examples of metal parts are aluminum 7075 t6, stainless steel, and 6061 t6 aluminum.

Benefits of CNC Lathe in CNC Machining :

The complexity of various industrial products has also enhanced the demand for metal and plastic parts created by CNC machining techniques. An authentic and ISO 9001: 2015 certified CNC machining company provides the best services to meet the increasing demands of industries.

CNC machining is a popular industrial machining method that uses state-of-the-art tools and lathes and a large variety of materials such as steel, aluminum, plastic, and aluminum alloy to manufacture CNC turning and milling parts that require high tolerances.

CNC milling and CNC turning utilize CNC machines effectively controlled by computer programs to fabricate and remove material to get high-quality machined parts with good tolerances. This process is different from other additive methods, such as 3D printing.

It allows a wide range of material selection for the machining process to produce machined parts. Many options for materials available make this method more popular for machining services. Many materials are available, including aluminum, steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, metal, and plastic. So it makes material selection much easy for the customers. Choose material according to your budget and according to your parts’ needs.

CNC lathe is advantageous and has more capabilities than other CNC machining procedures, especially in the industrial world. Some of the main advantages of CNC lathe services and the CNC turning process are summarized below.

1 – You can create custom products easily:

One of the main benefits of the lathes is that we can easily customize and create the desired products in fewer lead times. We can fabricate CNC turning and CNC milling parts as fast as 1-day requiring strict tolerances. The CNC lathe machines are responsible for removing material through highly accurate cutting to create milling and custom-machined parts. Their tools function to create parts by cutting and removing material from various angles.

Moreover, CNC lathe machines show more capabilities, efficiency, and non-stop working. The parts customized by tools feature greater corrosion and wear-resistant, increasing their durability. So, if you are thinking of creating a custom product through a CNC lathe, then its tools can easily and accurately create your product, no matter if you need stainless steel parts or plastic parts than another manufacturing process.

2 – You can save money by creating custom CNC turning parts:

Getting the perfect customized CNC machined parts through CNC turning services is not as simple as it seems. If you customize a component through a machining method with low functioning, it will not only waste your time and material by creating unwanted products but also enhance your cost. 

Therefore, an efficient machining procedure performed by an ISO 9001:2015 certified company is one of the main requirements for getting desired customized products. CNC lathe tools can produce your desired product in a single machining operation resulting in a low cost. Thus it not only saves your time but also saves your money.

3 – You can reduce manufacturing costs:

The CNC lathes services reduce the manufacturing cost compared to the manual lathe operation. The labor cost for CNC lathes is lower because of the requirement for fewer operators. Most of the operations in the CNC lathe do not require handling by these operators. Thus, it helps in reducing labor costs. Moreover, its machining and setup cost is also lower. CNC lathe needs only a single setup to create accurate intricate parts making it a cost-effective CNC machining operation.

4 – You can increase productivity:

The CNC lathe is an automated process, and the computer entirely controls production. So, it efficiently increases productivity and tolerances of parts than the manual machining processes. The chances of errors in the machining parts produced by the manual machining processes are greater with greater lead time.

Moreover, they are unable to produce a large number of parts in a single operation. On the other hand, the CNC lathe is controlled by the computer. It can produce a high volume or multiple parts with higher accuracy and tight tolerances in a single operation. It results in increased productivity and reduced lead time of the CNC lathe process.

5 – You can cut down on waste:

The production of the products through manual machining operations produces more waste products. This may be due to the production of large amounts of chips due to inappropriate material cutting. It is not the case with the CNC lathe machining operations. 

An automated CNC machined process reduces chip production considerably and allows exact material cutting of production parts. It reduces waste to a larger extent. Therefore, the CNC lathe machines usually lack chip conveyors, which are the main component of turning centers.

Moreover, these machining operations are managed, so the waste is collected instead of produced in an open environment. Hence, they are safer machining processes reducing the waste amount.

To Sum Up

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