How to deal with the surface finish for your precision CNC machine parts.

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Many kinds of surface finish could be supported by Worthy Hardware: Powder coated, Zinc plating, Nickel electroplating, Anodizing ,Black oxide and Screen printing. If our customers are not very familiar with them, you could take a look at below images and their short description to know more details.

1.Powder Coated is the process of applying dry paint to a part. This process will be done in constant temperature dust-free working shop.
2. Zinc plating (Electro-galvanizing) is a kind of anti-rust technology which is apply for metal and alloy material. The normal zinc-plated color is white, blue, green and yellow.
3.Nickel electroplating is used to make a very thin nickel layer on metal parts which will enhance the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of precision turned parts. Normally we will do the bright nickel and black nickel colors.
4.The so-called anodizing is a process of electrolytic oxidation. During this process, there will be some anodizing film on the surface of aluminum alloy. Parts could be dyed in different colors after anodizing, such as black, red, silver, green, blue, etc.
5.Black oxide: At a suitable temperature, the surface of the parts soaked in the chemical solution will have a black oxide film.
6.Screen printing (Silk screen printing) is a printing technique whereby a mesh is used to transfer ink onto a substrate, except in areas made impermeable to the ink by a blocking stencil.

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