The Common Materials In CNC Machining

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There are various materials used in CNC machining, this article will have a brief introduction on the common materials used in CNC machining.


Brass is commonly used for electronic hardware and fittings due to its low cost. It has a low strength point and is heavy, but cost is generally the biggest motivating factor for its use.


Steel is another affordable custom machining material, and like aluminum offers a number of options to suit various jobs. 1018 steel, for instance, is low cost, and has great formability but poor machining characteristics—which is why it is generally used for items like rivets.

Extruded polystyrene (Blue Foam)

It is an inexpensive, lightweight and transportable, mills quickly with inexpensive tools, paintable with gesso and water-based paints.It normally available at locally at construction materials suppliers. (used for isolation).


It is a popular material to use because it is both cost effective and plentiful. High-tech industries often use aluminum parts to build machines. Since aluminum is strong but light, high tech industries benefit from the material because it can help make devices weigh so little that transporting them is easy to do.

Beryllium Copper

CNC machined parts often contain Beryllium Copper as well. It is used in things such as computer and fiber optic components as well as precision measurement devices and electrical connectors and contacts. It is also used in the fields of aerospace and telecommunications. Treating Beryllium Copper with heat can make it stronger and more durable.

Copper Alloys

Copper alloys offer excellent electrical conductivity, making them a popular choice for custom machining of electrical contacts. Copper alloys like TeCu and CA 145 offer a reasonably low price point, making them popular for lower-cost custom machining jobs. Copper alloys like BeCu and alloy 25 are significantly stronger but are also significantly more expensive.

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