What is Chrome Plating?

Chrome plating involves applying a layer of chromium to a surface by submerging it in a chromic acid solution. Chrome plating is more than just an aesthetic enhancement, although it does look pleasing to the eye. Chrome plating can increase the hardness and durability of the surface, prevent corrosion and even make it easier to clean. There are two types: hard chrome plating and decorative chrome plating.

Benefits for Chrome Plating?

Lack of Corrosion. Chrome plating prevents rust, it is popular for applications like auto body parts that are prone to rust.

Capability of Withstanding Weather Extremes. Chrome plating fortifies materials by making them resistant to damage from weather extremes.

Attractive Appearance. Chrome plating is often chosen for its smooth, sleek appearance as a method to beautify products and parts.

Strength of Adherence. Chrome plating's strength of adherence contributes durability to the items it is used on.

Lubricity. Chrome plating offers perhaps the best lubricity out of any other metal plating option. The lubricity of chrome plating is advantageous in numerous ways. These lubricity advantages contribute to the engineering value of chrome plating.


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