Why Do More And More Young People Gradually Stay Away From The CNC Machining Industry?

cnc machining services

cnc machining services

Nowadays, the whole country is advocating the spirit of craftsman, which means that this kind of craftsman in the CNC Machining industry is getting more and more popular, and the development prospect of the CNC industry is getting better and better. However, why do young people nowadays no longer like to be engaged in the CNC machining and manufacturing industry? Young people nowadays are farther and farther away from this industry.



Recently, someone posted in a mechanical forum:

It feels that there are fewer and fewer young people engaged in CNC machining. Many apprentices who came to the factory ran away within a few days, and very few really remained. As a result, the CNC Machine Shop has a shortage of manpower for many times. Is it true that people don't like cnc manufacturing anymore?

So it aroused the resonance of netizens and began to express their opinions ↓↓


Netizen @akun

I came into contact with the machining and mold industry in 2006. At that time, general workers didn’t have a lot of money. The basic salary was 800RMB. People like us are generally considered to be juniors, and they are only twice as low as general workers. At that time, they were called technicians. General workers are almost the same, low profits and wages have not risen, and there are also many CNCs. Now they are called grinders, millers, wire cutters, .... From this name, you know that the industry has declined, and it is dirty and tired. It's a bit dangerous, there are few girls, and there is no chance to find a girlfriend.


Netizen @xiaofeng

I do CNC lathe machining. Take me as an example. I have been doing it for nearly 14 years. In the past few years, I bought the machine and made it in Beijing. When I was working, I never made any money, let alone saved money. Now I have been working for four or five years, mainly for some companies to do processing, and also do some second-hand work. With excellent technology and military background, I have never been idle, but after so many years, I still have no money in my hands. Sometimes I can't keep up with the billing, and I often worry about my life!

    Alas, the current processing fees have not risen, and sometimes they have even declined. Prices are rising, wages are rising, and the profit margin in the middle is now very small. Another is that the checkout cycle is extremely long, and now every link is dragging the account, and then it is a vicious circle!


In a word, the real economy is getting harder and harder now!

There are probably several reasons why people do not like this industry:


1. Low wages

Many college entrance examination candidates, especially boys, like to apply for majors in mechanical, electrical, and electronics. One is personal hobbies, and the other is more suitable for boys. This makes it very easy for companies to recruit graduates of this type. Naturally, the salary will be relatively low. In fact, another reason for the low wages is that the content of wages is small, which looks relatively easy on the surface, but in fact, the technical content is very deep, and sometimes it is not easy.


2. Impatience

After a short period of wages, most of the employees felt that their wages were dirty and tired and not making money, and gradually left the position. The dream of being an "engineer" has since ended. In fact, it is a very long and difficult time to get to this stage. the process of.


3. Tired of work

This major is all about processing and manufacturing equipment, such as lathes, gas welding, and casting intermediate frequency furnaces, which are very dirty and tiring tasks. Moreover, the foundation is a major hurdle that must be passed.

cnc machining services


Therefore, many people give up after failing the first pass.


Netizen @Kq

I worked in a cnc machining parts factory, specializing in the production of CNC machining services. At that time, the vertical milling machine was opened, and the workpiece was overweight. The precision requirements were very strict. Each workpiece must be dragged with a runout of no more than 0.1mm. An electronic ruler was used. For indexing, boring, and tapping the largest 1 inch, the workpiece is complicated, and you cannot be distracted. If you are distracted, you will make a mistake. In case of a mistake, the wages are not enough for the workpiece. The hands have never been cleaned. , Leave.


Netizen @Toma

If you have technical skills in machinery, the salary is high, and if you don’t have real skills, the salary is low. For example, the dead salary of a lathe worker is only three thousand yuan. If you can repair molds, debug and assemble some mold problems, then you are a master. If you take twenty thousand, seven or eight thousand is a lot. Of course, if you don’t have the skills, you’ll have one or two thousand, because you know nothing and can’t create value. Why should others give you such a high price? As for the office, there are also two to three thousand, six to seven thousand that year, and two to three thousand apprentices in the office, a bit higher than the workshop, after all, the diploma is there.

I graduated with a major in engineering, and now there are very few students engaged in this major, and most of them have turned to civil servants, IT, and Internet industries. Machinery is a profession that needs precipitation. It is normal to be tired and dirty. It is impossible to persevere without extraordinary perseverance. To the robots who have been struggling in the front line, I pay tribute to you!


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