What is the Metal material for CNC Machining?

cnc metal machining material

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Depending on the application your design will be utilized for, there’s a wide selection of materials that are compatible with CNC machining technology. Once you decide to employ CNC machining to produce your product, it’s time to select the right material for your needs, be it metal, plastic, or perhaps even wood. In the following article, we’ll introduce you to some of the most widely used CNC machining materials.

One of the most common material types for CNC machining parts and cnc milling parts are metals, and there are also a extensive range to select from. Let’s take a general look at the most well-known options.

cnc metal machining material

Aluminum Material: CNC Aluminum Machining

Aluminum is soft, lightweight, tractable, malleable, and durable metal. Its appearance is silver or dull grey and depends on the roughness of the surface. It lacks magnetic properties and its non-flammable. The aluminum metal melts at 640 degrees, and it’s light with a density of 2.68. It is a good conductor of electricity though not of the same standard as copper on specific cross-section area and is widely used in CNC automotive like ATV, Aerospace and medical industries.

CNC Aluminum Machining

Steel Material:CNC Steel Machining

Steels have good mechanical properties, great machinability, and good weldability. Due to their low cost, they find general-purpose applications, including the manufacturing of machine parts, jigs, and fixtures. Mild steels are susceptible to corrosion and attacks from chemicals.

Mild steel 1018 is a general-use alloy with good machinability and weldability and excellent toughness, strength, and hardness. It is the most commonly used mild steel alloy.

Mild steel 1045 is a medium carbon steel with good weldability, good machinability, and high strength and impact resistance.

Mild steel A36 is a common structural steel with good weldability. It is suitable for a variety of industrial and construction applications.

CNC Steel Machining

Stainless steel: CNC Stainless steel machining

Stainless Steel – One of the benefits of using stainless steel alloys is that they can be heat treated and supply corrosion resistant properties. The potential applications for CNC milling with stainless steel reach far and wide, used for anything from surgical equipment to electronics hardware, as well as other parts that necessitate more formability and weldability. Stainless steel alloys are also commonly used in the automotive and aerospace industry.

CNC Stainless steel machining

Brass:CNC Brass Machining

Brassis recognized as one of the easiest and cost-effective materials to use with CNC milling, brass offers in stability what it tends to lack in strength. Common uses include medical equipment, consumer goods, and electrical hardware and contacts. As brass also offers low friction coefficient and high corrosion resistant properties, they are also utilized for applications in the fields of engineering, plumbing, steam work, even for musical instruments.

CNC Brass Machining

Titanium-CNC Titanium machining

Titanium – What makes titanium a unique material is its high temperature melting point, making it a viable choice for many industries and applications. It’s considered to be corrosion resistant, and is also impervious to ductile, salt, and water. Despite being biocompatible and lightweight, titanium material provides strength and sturdiness that makes it well-suited for applications like medical implants, aircraft components, and even jewelry.

CNC Titanium machining


Now that you’ve been introduced to the different metal materials that are used with CNC machining , you can finally plan out which will be best-suited for your application. If you want to learn more about the CNC machining services offered by Worthy Hardware, welcome to contact with us for now!


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