Welcome the Australia Customer Visit to WORTHY Hardware!

On 3rd Novemver 2019, one of the customers from Australia came to visit Worthy Haradware Company, specializes in buying all kinds of precision stainless steel cnc machined parts. Aluminium cnc machined parts. He saw our 3-axis, 4-axis, CNC machines and milling machines, and he was convinced that our technology is world-class! He also looked at our products and surface treatment. He thought our products were of good quality, raw materials were excellent and the surface treatment was clean.
He thought our production line and freight would be very busy before Christmas, so he placed a big order. Our company principle is“Quality first; Serve customer; Sustained development; Honesty-based” .We convinced that quality is the steel that forges the supporting structure of the company,and the company cannot grow steady, if this invaluable asset is ever neglected in any possible manner.


Worthy Hardware is a CNC manufacturing and sheet metal fabrication company, including CNC machining services, CNC milling services, CNC turning services, laser cutting services and stamping services. Call us +86-76989919645 or email us info@worthyhardware.com for more discounts for your projects.