What is Tumbling?

Tumbling finish is a process to remove the sharp edges,burrs and make the smooth surface for metal and plastic parts.There are two types for tumbling finish: Vibratory Tumbling and high energy tumbling finish.



Benefits for tumbling finish

Precision Finishes. Depending on the size and type of pieces worked on, the tumble finishing process can be completed in a short amount of time, ranging from a few minutes to a few hours. Much faster than more traditional technologies, the tumble process provides a consistent and repeatable production finish.

Simple Deburring. The machines used in the tumble deburring process can be a precise method to deburr parts, eliminate sharp edges, clean up drill holes, or improve the overall surface roughness.

Cost Efficient Finishing. Historically, machines that would perform the smoothing and polishing of metal and plastic items were complex, and therefore costly to use. Today, tumble finishing is an affordable and efficient process.

Mass Finishing Capabilities. Many of the machines that perform the tumbling process are capable of servicing large quantities of pieces at a time, as well as quantities of very small items. This ultimately saves a great deal of time and money.