Things to Consider Before Hiring a Machine Shop

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Have you ever felt unsure if you’re making the right choice when selecting a machine shop? Seeking the right machine shop is now become a challenge, thus, this article will introduce on the aspects you should consider before hiring a machine shop.

1. Capabilities

The first thing to take note is you should always remmeber to ask on the capabilities of the machine shop. Does the shop specialize in the operations required? If so, is it in the type of machining processes your components specify? If it is a one-stop machine shop, does it have demonstrative expertise in these areas?

2. Tolerances

Specifying tolerances correctly is an incredibly important step of making sure the part that’s being manufactured will work as intended. Tolerance is just a way of specifying a range for a measurement, so 1.000 +/- .005 would be the same as saying .995 to 1.005. Although tight tolerances may not be required in many cases for an artist, if your project requires precision and exactness, setting tolerances correctly is immensely important to ensure your part will function correctly.

3. Equipment

Does the company show indications they are investing in the latest technology and innovative processes? This includes software as well as hardware. Always aware that the equipment with advanced and latest technology may give you a better quality services.


4. Surface Roughness

Always specify the desired surface roughness to the machine shop. Surface roughness specifies the height of the peaks and valleys of the surface at the microscopic level. To minimize cost use the highest number you are willing to accept. For example, Ra125 is usually economical for machined parts, but if you want a smoother surface consider Ra63 or even Ra32. To get into a really polished range you may need to go down to Ra16 or less.

5. Certifications

Does the shop have certifications and other forms of licenses required to meet your standards? For example, the AS9100 and IS0 9001 standards? Certification is the proof on a company performance and capabilities, hence, always check on the certifications before hiring a machine shop.

Last but not least, the most important criteria is the communication! It was useless if you and your hired machine shop are not communicating, communication and interaction are the crucial key in any project.

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