cnc machining services

cnc machining services

At present, in the field of CNC machining, with the emergence of high performance machining tools such as high speed and high efficiency, the technology of maintaining and improving the accuracy of CNC machine tools is constantly emerging and applied, which puts forward higher requirements for the process of machine tool use.In general, the accuracy of CNC machine tools determines the machining accuracy of parts, in addition to the inherent geometric accuracy of CNC machine tools,

There are also other factors, that is, the factory USES precision CNC machine tools (machining center, electric spark, slow moving wire and other machine tools) for high-precision processing, do you have such experience: every morning, the first piece of processing precision is often not good enough;After a long holiday boot processing of the first parts are often very unstable accuracy, high failure probability in high-precision processing, especially the position accuracy.

CNC manufacturing companies without experience in precision machining often attribute the instability of precision to equipment quality problems.CNC machining services with experience in precision machining parts will attach great importance to the thermal balance of ambient temperature and machine tools.Because we are very clear that even high precision machine tools can only achieve stable machining accuracy under stable temperature environment and thermal balance state.In the case of high precision machining, preheating the machine is the most basic common sense of precision machining.


1.Why do we preheat the machine?

The thermal characteristics of CNC machine tools have an important influence on the machining accuracy, accounting for almost half of the machining accuracy.The spindle of the machine tool, XYZ moving shaft parts used by the guide rail, screw and other components will be in motion due to the load and friction and deformation, but the thermal deformation error chain ultimately affects the machining accuracy of the spindle and XYZ moving shaft parts relative to the displacement of the table.

Machine for a long time to stop running state and thermal equilibrium under the condition of the machining accuracy differences, investigate its reason, because of CNC machine tool spindle and the movement of the shaft after running for a period of time, the temperature relative to maintain at a constant level, and as the change of processing time, thermal steady state precision CNC machine tools, it is show the spindle and the moving parts of processing before preheating is necessary.

However, the "warm-up exercise" of machine tools is neglected or unknown by many factories.

2.How to preheat the machine?

If the machine is in use for more than a few days, it is recommended to preheat the machine for more than 30 minutes before high-precision machining.If the shelving state is only for a few hours, it is recommended to preheat for 5-10 minutes before high precision machining.

The process of preheating is to let the machine participate in the repeated movement of the machining axis. It is better to carry out multi-axis linkage, such as let the XYZ axis move from the lower left corner of the coordinate system to the upper right corner and repeatedly walk the diagonal.

When the execution can be written on the machine tool a macro program, let the machine repeatedly perform the action of preheating.

After the machine is fully preheated, the dynamic machine can be put into high precision machining production, and you will achieve stable and consistent machining accuracy.


In order to produce high-quality parts and reduce unnecessary material loss, we need to follow Worthy method to obtain stable machining precision parts.


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