How to select the contract manufacture for your CNC Machining Parts?

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Working with a contract manufacturer is a relationship that’s often compared to marriage. In both cases, finding the right match is the key to a happily-ever-after outcome. As with matrimony, experts recommend focusing on compatibility before going down the aisle—make that placing an order—with a manufacturing supplier.

The search for that right match should focus on finding a supplier that’s a good fit with your product and its place in the market. The manufacturing processes, capacity, standards, turnaround time, and cost should meet your needs. Then there are 6 questions you should ask:

1.Does the supplier have the manufacturing capabilities you need? See for yourself and visit the factory floor if possible.

2.Does it have the manufacturing speed and capacity to respond to quick-turn orders during product development, market launch, or production phases?

3.Does it have minimum part order? Many production houses have relatively large minimum part orders, which can be a risky upfront financial investment if only low volumes of parts are initially needed. Look for a service bureau with no minimum part restrictions.

4.Does it have the level of quality control you need? A medical-grade supplier’s quality control should be excellent but that would add expense to a commercial-grade product that may not need an elevated level.

5.Does it work with your project’s materials? Service bureaus typically stock with the widest selection of materials on hand and have the most expertise in using them. They often accept most customer-supplied materials as well.

6.Does it offer design support? If you’re not a manufacturing expert, advice or feedback on the manufacturability of your project may be in order.

Worthy Hardware has a wide choice of manufacturing technologies, with the best offering a full suite of services such as injection molding, CNC machining, or 3D printing. In addition, we often provide online automated quoting, and valuable design-for-manufacturability analysis. So we have the ability to work with you throughout the design and development process as well as the entire life of your product.

Quality control: Consistency is a strong suit. .

All the team, material and machines are in regular status of quality assurance, we make it correct at the first time not only to ourselves, but also to our customers.

1.We will check and maintenance the machines everyday except the holiday time.

2.In the production stage including the samples, the production workers will check the dimensions frequently, and then the production manager will check the dimension again, finally our QC department will make the final checking.

3.We will make the 100% inspection for the parts,especially for the thread and surface.

Test Equipments List
NoEquipment Name ManufactureNoTolerances Measure ScopNotes
1Vernier CaliperMitutoyo900335520.02mm0-150mmJapan
2Vernier CaliperMitutoyo900335520.02mm0-150mmJapan
3 Digimatic CalipersMitutoyo7-34.15032270.02mm0-150mmJapan
5Outside MicrometerMitutoyo103-1290.001mm0-25mmJapan
6Outside MicrometerHaerbin10022120.01mm0-25mmHaerbin
7 Digimatic MicrometersMitutoyo293-2400.001mm0-25mmJapan
8Digital Point TesterGUANGLU300016400.01mm0-50mmGuizhi
9Hardness TesterHR-150A2920.5°0-90°Luzhi
10Universal Bevel ProtractorShanghai000003150.02°0-320°Shanghai
11Two-Dimension ProjectorRationalVMS-1510   
12Height TesterChengliangG7241050.01mm0-300mmChengliang
13Surface Roughness TesterMitutoyo/SJ-201178-933-202  Japan
14Outside MicrometerMitutoyo161475110.01mm0-25mmJapan
15 Digimatic CalipersMitutoyo125513060.01mm0-25mmJapan
16 Digimatic CalipersMitutoyo143427980.02mm0-150mmJapan
17Outside MicrometerMitutoyo960685130.01mm0-25mmJapan
18 Digimatic CalipersMitutoyo145410220.02mm0-150mmJapan
19Outside MicrometerMitutoyo160971730.01mm0-25mmJapan
20 Digimatic CalipersMitutoyo111109090.02mm0-150mmJapan
21Outside MicrometerMitutoyo161371400.01mm0-25mmJapan
22 Digimatic CalipersTaiwanMitutoyo7-53.15053890.02mm0-150mmTaiwan
23 Digimatic CalipersMitutoyo123444790.02mm0-150mmJapan
24Vernier CaliperChengliang010002580.03mm0-300mmChengliang


Volume: Currently we have more than 30 sets CNC machines,Then the delivery time is very flexible. If you need the parts very urgently,there is no problem for us.

We could support the small order and big orders.

 Moderate Cost and Flexible lead time: it makes you satisfied with our price based on the points above, we can support you with our professional teamwork, for we are a moderate size workshop, we have most competitive cost average and flexible production lead time to meet your just-in-time orders.

1.Due to the strictly quality and advanced machines, plus the well trained workers,the scrape rate is low to us, then we could control the cost very well.

2.Most of our employees are fellow-villagers,then the employing relationship is very stable.

3.Currently we have more than 30 sets CNC machining centers which support the flexible lead time.


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